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LambdaGeneration (often abbreviated as LambdaGen, LG, or λG) is a website dedicated to the Half-Life series, originally focusing also on other games, services and products of Valve Corporation. Run by a voluntary team of contributors from various countries, the website publishes articles relating to both the Half-Life and Portal universe, and the community, supporting and promoting content created by fans, such as game-modifications, fan films, artwork and other community projects. As of February 2016, there are over 1150 articles on the site.


As stated in the "about" page of the site, "the name 'LambdaGeneration' attempts to relate to the 'Generation of Lambda' as both the generation as the group/following/epoch of Half-Life as well as the creation/making/production of all things related to Half-Life and Valve." Even though the website has formerly been dedicated to every title published by Valve, its logo - the Lambda symbol - has been in use since the beginning, as, according to the older versions of the "about" page, "it could be said that a large majority of the Valve Community entered into it through Half-Life."

LambdaGeneration is divided into six key areas, including "News & Rumours", "Discussion & Analysis", "Modding & Development", "Multimedia & Film", "Art & Creations" and "Community & Projects". The website is further divided into sub-sections of the main covered subjects, essentially all of Valve’s series. Articles come in various formats, such as "report", "roundup", "review", "spotlight", "tutorial" or "interview". The website also features Forums in a form of Steam Discussions, where users can share their thoughts, and has various social pages, such as a Steam Group, a Twitter feed, a Tumblr blog or a Facebook page. The site is hosted in London.


LambdaGeneration was created in July 2010 by Alex Malkin with the help of Domenic Maiocchi and several community websites such as PlanetPhillip (now Run Think Shoot Live) and Podcast 17. The site's code name, used in the development, was "Project Protozoan", named after the Xen entity.

Between the launch in 2010 to early 2013, the majority of the site's articles were written by Victor Macry. Guest contributors had included Sam Kindler and Brad Hinds of the Steamcast (now Steamchat) podcast, Jim Partidge, creator of the critically acclaimed Deep Down modification for Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and Darren Weekes of the "Custom Gamer" Level Design web series. LambdaGeneration previously had it's own discussion forum, opened on August 8, 2010, however it was closed as part of the 2013 redesign. It is unknown if the LambdaGeneration Forums will return.

LambdaGeneration has played several April Fools on it's users, such as being rebranded as "LlamaGeneration", and as a butcher's called "Lamb Chop Generation". The site has also created several Valve themed Christmas Advent calendars.

In the summer of 2013, LambdaGeneration was redesigned (the old appearance can be seen here), and in November of the same year, the site hosted a special "15 Years of Half-Life" event. On July 13, 2014, the first episode of the official Podcast, called "All Things Lambda", hosted by site administrators Jeff Muñoz and Gustav "Ooiman" Haglund, was aired.

In December 2015, the website underwent several design changes. It was decided that only Half-Life-related articles would be published in the future.


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