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Black Mesa (video game)/Achievements

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Black Mesa, a fan-made remake of Half-Life, comes with 25 Achievements.


Image Achievement Official description Chapter How-to
Achievement Brownian Motion.jpg Brownian Motion Pass the toilet paper to the scientist in need. Anomalous Materials The player has to give a scientist in the WC a roll of toilet paper. A roll of paper towels from the same shelf will also count.[Vid] Reference to the term "Brownian motion."
Achievement Caffeine Extraction.jpg Caffeine Extraction Perform surgical caffeine extraction from 20 machines. Any chapter with a vending machine in it Gordon has to push the vending machine's button 20 times so it spawns a can. Note that the player doesn't need to drink any of the cans and one vending machine can spawn up to 15.[Vid]
Achievement Calculated Trajectory.jpg Calculated Trajectory Kill 10 Airborne Headcrabs using the Shotgun. Any chapter with Headcrabs in it, after acquiring the Shotgun in We've Got Hostiles Self-explanatory.[Vid]
Achievement Centripetal Attraction.jpg Centripetal Attraction Kill 20 enemies with the Hivehand. Any chapter after acquiring the Hivehand in Surface Tension Self-explanatory.[Vid] Reference to the term "Centripetal force."
Achievement Convection Refinement.jpg Convection Refinement Ruin the microwave casserole. Anomalous Materials Gordon has to press a button on the microwave. After a while, it overheats, causing the achievement to unlock.[Vid]
Achievement Dead Reckoning.jpg Dead Reckoning Kill an Assassin with the .357 Magnum. Apprehension, "Forget About Freeman!" Self-explanatory.[Vid] Reference to the term "Dead reckoning."
Achievement Digital Wizardry.jpg Digital Wizardry Kill 10 enemies with a reprogrammed Sentry. Any chapter with a Sentry in it This achievement can be unlocked by picking up an inactivated Sentry Gun and letting it kill enemies.[Vid]
Achievement Ethically Questionable.jpg Ethically Questionable Conduct all of the questionable research experiments. Questionable Ethics Gordon has to kill an Alien Grunt, Snarks, a Bullsquid and Headcrabs using the laboratory equipment.[Vid]
Achievement Futile Resistance.jpg Futile Resistance Kill 10 enemies with Snarks. Any chapter after acquiring Snarks Self-explanatory.[Vid] Reference to the phrase "Resistance is futile."
Achievement Gray Matter Propulsion.jpg Gray Matter Propulsion Headshot 20 enemies with the .357 Magnum. Any chapter after acquiring the .357 Magnum in Office Complex Self-explanatory.[Vid] Reference to the term "Grey matter."
Achievement Hyper Saturation Conundrum.jpg Hyper Saturation Conundrum Drown in Lambda Core's coolant. Lambda Core Self-explanatory. To speed up the process, Gordon can hurt himself using the RPG, grenades, Satchel Charges, Laser Trip Mines, Snarks, Submachine Gun grenades or by overcharging the Tau Cannon.[Vid] Reference to the term "Hypersaturation."
Achievement Inflammatory Actions.jpg Inflammatory Actions Kill a Headcrab using fire. Any chapter with a flare and a Headcrab The easiest way to obtain the achievement is to pick up one of the flares during the chapter Unforseen Consequences, when they are first seen, and throw at or touch a Headcrab with it. Note that the Headcrab has to die only due to fire so Gordon should be careful if he's travelling with a Security Guard.[Vid]
Achievement Kinetic Repulsion.jpg Kinetic Repulsion Kill a Marine with their own grenade. Any chapter with a HECU soldier Self-explanatory. During a fight, a Marine can toss a grenade to either try to kill Gordon or force him to come out of hiding. Player needs to pick up the grenade and throw it at the soldier. The achievement unlocks only if the Marine that tossed the grenade is killed.[Vid]
Achievement Mega Hertz.jpg Mega Hertz Kill 5 enemies with one grenade. Any chapter after acquiring a grenade The easiest way to obtain the achievement is to gather five or more Headcrabs in one place, let them be close to Gordon and "cook" or detonate the grenade "in hand". Doing this will almost always hurt Gordon so saving the game in advance is advised.[Vid]
Achievement Nuclear Fishin.jpg Nuclear Fishin' Kill an Ichtyosaur with either the Tau or Gluon. Surface Tension Self-explanatory. Note that both Tau and Gluon don't work underwater so Gordon should let the Ichtyosaur focus on him, get out of the water (either to the surface while aiming downward, or out of the water entirely) and kill it before it disappears out of sight.[Vid]
Achievement Permeable Infrastructure.jpg Permeable Infrastructure Use the alternate path in Office Complex. Office Complex [Vid]
Achievement Premature Expulsion.jpg Premature Expulsion Use an entire clip of Gluon ammo in one continuous shot. Lambda Core After Gordon obtains the Gluon Gun, he must use the whole ammunition available - 100 Depleted Uranium-235 units - in one continuous shot.[Vid] Reference to the term "Premature ejaculation."
Achievement Prophylactic Suggested.jpg Prophylactic Suggested Get overtaken by a Headcrab's ample anterior. Any chapter with a Headcrab in it Gordon simply has to be killed by a Headcrab. To speed up the process, he can hurt himself using explosives.[Vid]
Achievement Proverbial Tinkerer.jpg Proverbial Tinkerer Interfere with the alarm and laptop in Anomalous Materials. Anomalous Materials Gordon must interact with a laptop seen at the beginning of the chapter, near the security guard welcome desk, as well as push an alarm button located under it. Doing so will cause the NPCs to react - in the first case a scientist will tell Gordon to get away from the device, and in the second case - an alarm will begin to reverberate.[Vid]
Achievement Quantum Capacitance.jpg Quantum Capacitance Overcharge it anyway. Any chapter after acquiring the Tau Cannon in Questionable Ethics Gordon has to simply overcharge the Tau Cannon by holding the alternative fire button and waiting a few seconds.[Vid] Reference to the term "Quantum capacitance."
Achievement Rare Specimen.jpg Rare Specimen Send the Hidden Hat to Xen. "Forget About Freeman!" through Lambda Core (free version)
Unforeseen Consequences through Lambda Core (Steam version)
Gordon has to take the purple hat to the Lambda Complex and jump into the Xen portal while holding it. In the free version, it can be found in a container in the chapter "Forget About Freeman!".[Vid] In the Steam version, the hat can be found after the Resonance Cascade, near the entrance to Sector C.
Achievement Remote Detonation.jpg Remote Detonation Kill a Barnacle with a Satchel. Any chapter with a Barnacle, after acquiring a Satchel in Blast Pit Gordon has to throw a Satchel at the Barnacle's tongue and detonate it after a few seconds.[Vid]
Achievement Resonance Procrastinator.jpg Resonance Procrastinator Refuse to insert the specimen into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer. Anomalous Materials After the delivery cart appears in the test chamber, Gordon has to simply refuse to push it. After a while (roughly sixty seconds), the Anti-Mass Spectrometer will overcharge and kill Gordon, unlocking the achievement.[Vid]
Achievement Unified Coupling Theorum.jpg Unified Coupling Theorum Help the Barnacle and Headcrab find true love. Any chapter with a Barnacle and a Headcrab Gordon has to let 10 Headcrabs be cought by a Barnacle. The easiest way is to "camp" the conveyor belt in We've Got Hostiles. Saving the game before the Headcrab is killed helps obtain the achievement faster.[Vid] Reference to the Grand Unified Theory.
Achievement Universal Gravitation.jpg Universal Gravitation Get killed by your own Snarks. Any chapter after acquiring Snarks in Questionable Ethics Self-explanatory.[Vid] Reference to Newton's law of universal gravitation.


In bms_english.txt, there is a reference to an additional, possibly cut achievement named Instability Paradigm. Its description states "Experiment on 5 scientists".[1]


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