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This subject is related to the Portal era.

Portal: The Flash Version

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This subject is related to a real world perspective.
This subject is related to the Portal era.

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Portal - the flash version logo.svg
Portal: The Flash Version

We Create Stuff

Release date(s)

October 9, 2007


Flash Browser Game, Puzzle video game




Web-based (universal)


Freely available at We Create Stuff

System req

Keyboard and mouse


Hen Mazolski, Ido Tal

Portal: The Flash Version (often shortened to TFV) is a Flash game based on the plot and gameplay of Portal.


Portal: The Flash Version is a sidescrolling 2D platforming game, which takes advantage of Portal's most well-known mechanic, namely the portal gun. Many other objects from Portal are also included in the 2D world, such as Energy Balls, Weighted Storage Cubes and Sentry Turrets.

The game has been ported into 3D in the form of a mappack for Portal. Some of its maps were reused for Portal: Still Alive.

Differences from Portal[edit]

Portal: The Flash Version was developed prior to the release of Portal, being released one day prior, so there are some noticeable differences between The Flash Version and Portal. This is due to The Flash Version's developers having only trailers and other pre-release content to work with.

  • The player is a unnamed male character, like Chell's placeholder model.
  • The player starts with a fully upgraded portal gun in Test Chamber 00.
  • Picking up objects with the portal gun plays the Gravity Gun pickup sound.
  • Sentry Turrets lack voices, using the sound effects of the Half-Life 2 Combine Sentry Gun instead.
  • Energy Balls have a much louder looping sound.
  • GLaDOS is not present. Instead, there are text prompts from an unseen announcer.


  • The main menu uses a looping portion of Self Destruction from the Half-Life 2: Episode 1 soundtrack, from approximately 00:12 to 0:13.
  • In Test Chamber 16, the G-Man can be seen in the window in the bottom center of the level.
  • Using the console, it is possible to (just like in the real game) spawn cubes, turrets, and energy balls.
  • By also using the console, there is a level before the start of the game by typing "prevlevel", which for the chamber number, it has a "?", and also says on the wall, "ZOMGOWNED." This can also be achieved by typing in "gotolevel 0".
  • Other console commands include "kill", "noclip", "god", "dance", "nextlevel", "showfps", and many more.
  • The "blue plasma fields" and "red plasma fields" served as the inspiration for Hard Light Bridges and Laser Fields, respectively.


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