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Portal 2 Sixense MotionPack DLC

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Portal 2 Sixense logo.jpg
Portal 2 Sixense MotionPack DLC

Sixense Entertainment

Release date(s)
  • PC - MotionPack: June 17, 2011[1]
  • PC - Perceptual Pack: September 20, 2013[2]
  • PlayStation 3: November 6, 2012[3]

First-person shooter, puzzle video game


Single-player, multiplayer co-op


Windows, PlayStation 3


Steam, PlayStation Network

System req

3.0 GHz processor, 1 GB (Windows XP)/ 2 GB (Windows Vista) RAM and 128 MB video card RAM



  • Danny Woodall[4]
  • Chip Sbrogna[5]

The Portal 2 Sixense MotionPack DLC, called Portal 2 In Motion for PlayStation 3, is a level pack, available for those who purchased the Razer Hydra Portal 2 bundle, as well as on the PSN store. The DLC features twelve singleplayer (six normal and six advanced) and six multiplayer Test Chambers. On June 6, 2013, a new co-op campaign, called Non-Emotional Manipulation, was added to the DLC.[6] On September 30, 2013, a free stand-alone version, Portal 2 Sixense Perceptual Pack, containing the singleplayer campaign, was released for the Creative Senz3D gesture recognition camera.


The first new ability is One to One, which allows the player to rotate a held object in three dimensions, as well as hold it further away through the use of an energy beam. The beam does not have infinite range, only allowing the object to be held about three or four panel lengths away. This allows for precision aiming with the Weighted Pivot Cube, and can be used to place cubes on buttons that would otherwise be out of reach.

The second ability is portal surfing. This ability allows the player to move their portals after placing them. Unlike One to One, this works at any distance. Portals can be tilted to either side and moved along walls, so long as the surface in question can support a portal. This is a necessary aspect of several tests, which have portal surfaces too short for a portal to form on vertically, necessitating that it be dragged there horizontally. Dragging portals also allows the player to move themselves or objects across a room while suspended in an Excursion Funnel. Tilting a portal connected to a Hard Light Bridge allows the bridge to be turned on its side as a shield if necessary, or moved along with the player to block a turret. The spreading of Mobility Gels can also be controlled with much greater ease.

The third ability is scaling, which allows the portal gun to alter the dimensions of a special Scaled Cube. The cube can be shrunk to fit through a tight space, stretched out and flattened to serve as a bridge, or even enlarged to cover multiple buttons at once. In addition, the scaling cube's mass increases or decreases in proportion to its size. This allows a sufficiently enlarged cube to smash through panes of glass an ordinary cube could not, as well as crush turrets or the player if it lands on them.

With the DLC installed, the ASHPD gains several new abilities. The new features work in both the extra levels and the main campaign, but are disabled in the co-op campaign.