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Engineer (Half-Life 2: Survivor)

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The Engineer is one of the five playable characters in the multiplayer game modes of Half-Life 2: Survivor.


In Battle Mode, the Engineer, along with the Sniper, has the lowest carry capacity of reserve ammunition for the standard automatic weapons (the SMG and the Pulse Rifle), and the only other available ranged weapons are the 9mm Pistol and the Double-barreled Shotgun, making the Engineer's combat capabilities limited to close and medium distances and also restricted by the low amount of ammunition.

Instead of battling the enemies directly, the Engineer uses traps and a wide selection of other special items to support the team. The engineer also has access to the Special Magazine, which is extremely useful as it provides the only source of ammunition for many of the Survivor's weapons, and is the only character who can use the Gravity Gun, which also comes useful in several ways.

The Engineer can also be used in the Mission Mode, but does not have any unique weapons or stats, as the mission mode's characters serve only cosmetic purpose.


Initial equipment[edit]

Picture Name Faction Ammo
HL2SCrowbar.png Crowbar Resistance N/A
HL2S Stun Baton.png Stunstick α Combine N/A
HL2S MP7.png SMG Resistance 45/135/2
HL2S OSIPR.png Pulse Rifle Combine 35/130/2
HL2S STrap.png Shake Trap Resistance 6
HL2S GravityGun.png Gravity Gun Combine N/A

Additional equipment[edit]


Main article: Battle Points
Picture Name Faction Ammo Unlocked at
HL2S STrap.png Shake Trap Resistance 6 Ex emb 0002.png
HL2S GravityGun.png Gravity Gun Combine N/A
HL2S EBattery.png Energy Battery Resistance 5 Ex emb 0003.png
HL2S SMagazine.png Special Magazine Combine 5
HL2S SLAM.png S.L.A.M Resistance 5 Ex emb 0004.png
HL2S FGrenade.png Fire Grenade Combine 4
HL2S EPistol.png Enhanced Pistol Resistance
15/45 Ex emb 0005.png
HL2S PShield.png Provisional Shield Resistance
7 Ex emb 0006.png


Main article: Survivor Gold
Picture Name Faction Ammo Price
HL2S DShotgun.png Double-barreled shotgun Resistance
6/15 7,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S Stun gun.png Stungun Resistance
N/A 40,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S WCanceller.png Wave Canceller Resistance
3 80,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S JDrink.png Jump Drink Resistance 5 150,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S TBomb.png Timer Grenade Combine 6
HL2S PShake.png Powershake Resistance
5 200,000 Survivor Gold.png

Cosmetic items[edit]


Images Notes Acquisition[1]
Engineer Icon Resistance Male 1.pngEngineer Icon Resistance Female 1.png Default skin. Initial equipment.
Engineer Icon Combine Male 1.pngEngineer Icon Combine Female 1.png
Engineer Icon Resistance Male 2.pngEngineer Icon Resistance Female 2.png Helmet removed, revealing short hair
with dreadlocks.
Purchasable for 25,000 Survivor Gold.png.
Engineer Icon Combine Male 2.pngEngineer Icon Combine Female 2.png Metal helmet with pipes welded to
the top part and reflective goggles.
Engineer Icon Resistance Male 3.pngEngineer Icon Resistance Female 3.png Black hair and glasses (male),
hair curlers and facial mask (female).
Purchasable for 100,000 Survivor Gold.png.
Engineer Icon Combine Male 3.pngEngineer Icon Combine Female 3.png Hard hat on top of the normal mask.


Image(s) Acquisition
Ex emb 0016.png Purchasable for 10,000 Survivor Gold.png.[2]
Ex emb 0044.pngEx emb 0223.pngEx emb 0059.pngEx emb 0238.png Take the first place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0045.pngEx emb 0224.pngEx emb 0060.pngEx emb 0239.png Take the second place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0046.pngEx emb 0225.pngEx emb 0061.pngEx emb 0240.png Take the third place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0327.png Unknown.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Models of the Combine Engineers are based on the Overwatch Soldier, with the texture being based on an early pre-release variant rather than retail, as evidenced by the yellow armpits. The Resistance Engineer models appear to be inspired by the Hazardous Environment Suit, but not based directly on it.

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