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The Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor features all 12 weapons from the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, and adds another 38 new and unique only to the Battle Mode, making it a total of 50 weapons and usable items available to the players. Additional 4 are also present in the game files, but appear to be cut, as no information about them is present on the official website or any other resources prior to the public availability of the game's content dump in 2013.


The equipment of each Half-Life 2: Survivor's playable character can be divided in three groups based on the method of acquisition:

IE Initial Equipment includes items that are available to all players when they first start the game.
CU Unlockable additional equipment or Class Up equipment is given when a player reaches a higher class, which is done by acquiring the Battle Points (BP) awarded for playing the national submode of the Battle Mode. Classes from D to AA each unlock one additional item and one additional slot to equip that weapon, thus a player of AA-Class or higher will have 8 item slots. The Class Up equipment may also be taken away if the player's class is lowered due to the poor performance, but will be given back if the player reaches the required class again.
IS Purchasable additional equipment or Item Shop equipment can be purchased in the Item Shop. This requires the in-game currency — Survivor Gold (SG), which is earned by playing any of the Survivor's game modes. Purchased items, however, do not add additional item slots, which means that to use them the player will have to unequip some of the initial or unlocked items.

Each playable character has 3 initial equipment items, 5 unlockable items and 5 purchasable, making it a total of 13 weapons for each character, although only 8 can be equipped at the same time. Each item can only be acquired in a single way: it is not possible to purchase an unlockable item and vice versa. Many items are available to multiple characters, acquisition method, however, may be different. The items are acquired separately for each character, getting an item for one character does not make it available for another, even if the associated NESYS cards are all connected to the same Survivor camp account.

Characters of different factions will have different initial equipment: the Crowbar and the SMG for Resistance, the Stunstick α with the Pulse Rifle for Combine. The third weapon from the initial equipment is also different, but each faction can obtain the other faction's one by reaching the D-Class.

Resistance Dual Enhanced Pistols Gatling Gun Sniper Rifle Gravity Gun Poison Crossbow
Combine Shotgun RPG Laser Rifle Shake Trap Recovery Injection

Some of additional equipment items, however, are unique to a single faction, with Resistance characters using mostly defensive items, while the Combine prefer more offensive ones:

Resistance Smoke Grenade S.L.A.M Whiteout Grenade Energy Battery Capture Grenade Jump Drink Power Drink Surprise Box
Combine HE Grenade Fire Grenade Tornado Trap Special Magazine Poison Grenade Timer Grenade Mind Drink Marking Sniper Rifle

Melee weapons[edit]

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Base damage Attack speed
HL2SCrowbar.png Crowbar HUD Survivor.png Crowbar Resistance Ranger (IE) 34.5 Fast
Resistance Soldier (IE) 48
Resistance Sniper (IE)
Resistance Medic (IE)
Resistance Engineer (IE) 36
Standard melee weapon for Resistance characters. Deals less damage than the Stunstick, but has higher attack speed.
HL2S Stun Baton.png Stunstick Alpha HUD.png Stunstick α Combine Ranger (IE) 46–64.4 Medium
Combine Soldier (IE) 64–89.6
Combine Sniper (IE)
Combine Medic (IE)
Resistance Engineer (IE) 48–67.2
Standard melee weapon for Combine characters. Lower attack speed compared to the Crowbar, but higher damage, which can be increased even more at the expense of the suit charge.
HL2S GravityGun.png Gravity Gun HUD Survivor.png Gravity Gun Resistance Engineer (CU)
Combine Engineer (IE)
Depends on the
thrown object
Used for picking up various objects and throwing them.
HL2S Stun gun.png Stungun HUD.png Stungun Resistance Engineer (IS)
Combine Engineer (IS)
Resistance Medic (CU)
Combine Medic (CU)
25 Slow
Paralyzes enemies on hit, temporarily reducing their movement speed.
HL2S PKnife.png Pulse Knife HUD.png Pulse Knife Resistance Ranger (IS)
Combine Ranger (IS)
24 Medium
Penetrates suit and deals direct damage. Can be thrown with the secondary attack, instantly killing the hit player, but can not be used after that.

Ranged weapons[edit]

Almost all ranged weapons will reveal the position of the player that fires them, marking the exact position of the player on the enemy radar for a short amount of time.


Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage Radar
HL2S EPistol.png 9mm Pistol HUD Survivor.png Enhanced Pistol Resistance Engineer (CU)
Combine Engineer (CU)
Resistance Medic (CU)
Combine Medic (CU)
15/45 6 Yes
Penetrates the suit, dealing direct damage.
HL2S DEPistol.png Dual Enhanced Pistols HUD.png Dual Enhanced Pistols Resistance Ranger (CU) 24/48 5 Yes
Combine Ranger (IE) 24/72
Lower damage, but higher bullet capacity. Also penetrates suit.
HL2S SEPistol.png Silenced Enhanced Pistol HUD.png Silenced Enhanced Pistol Resistance Sniper (IS)
Combine Sniper (IS)
10/40 7 No
Lower ammo capacity and slower firing speed, but deals slightly more damage. Penetrates suit.
HL2S Magnum.png .357 Magnum HUD Survivor.png .357 Magnum Resistance Soldier (CU)
Combine Soldier (CU)
6/12 50 Yes
Slow firing speed and low ammo capacity, but highest damage of all pistols.


Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage
(primary attack)
Base damage
(secondary attack)
HL2S MP7.png Submachine Gun HUD Survivor.png Submachine Gun Resistance Ranger (IE) 45/180/2 4 50 Yes
Resistance Soldier (IE)
Resistance Medic(IE)
Resistance Sniper (IE)
Resistance Engineer (IE)
Combine Soldier (IS) 45/90/0
High rate of fire, but low accuracy makes it mostly useful for close ranges. Secondary attack launches a grenade.
HL2S OSIPR.png Pulse Rifle HUD Survivor.png Pulse Rifle Combine Ranger (IE) 35/175/2 5 35 Yes
Combine Soldier (IE)
Combine Medic(IE)
Combine Sniper (IE)
Combine Engineer (IE)
Resistance Soldier (IS) 35/70/0
Higher damage and better accuracy, but lower firing speed and ammo capacity. Secondary attack launches an Energy Ball.
HL2S Gatling.png Gatling Gun HUD.png Gatling Gun Resistance Soldier (CU)
Combine Soldier (IE)
1000 5 4 Yes (primary
attack only)
Very high ammo capacity and rate of fire with a strong knockback, but high recoil, which also hurts the user. Secondary mode performs a melee attack.


Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage
per pellet
Number of
HL2S Shotgun.png Shotgun HUD Survivor.png Shotgun Resistance Ranger (IE) 6/30 6 6 Yes
Combine Ranger (CU) 6/24
A standard shotgun which can only fire from a single barrel.
HL2S DShotgun.png Double Barrel Shotgun HUD.png Double-barreled shotgun Resistance Engineer (IS)
Combine Engineer (IS)
6/15 6 6 Yes
Has the ability to fire from two barrels, but needs to be used more carefully due to the significantly lower ammo capacity.
HL2S PGun.png Paint Gun HUD.png Paint Gun Resistance Ranger (CU)
Combine Ranger (CU)
3/9 1 3 Yes
Resistance Sniper (CU)
Combine Sniper (CU)
Resistance Medic (IS)
Combine Medic (IS)
Covers enemies with paint, blocking their view and marking them on the radar.

Crossbows and bows[edit]

Crossbows and bows use physical projectiles instead of normal bullets. They will also not reveal the player's position when used.

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage Scoped Radar
HL2S Crossbow.png Crossbow HUD Survivor.png Crossbow Resistance Ranger (IS)
Combine Ranger (IS)
1/10 33 Yes No
Launches a heated rebar projectiles which deal medium damage, suitable for long distances.
HL2S PCrossbow.png Poison Crossbow HUD.png Poison Crossbow Resistance Medic (IE) 1/8 40 Yes No
Combine Medic (CU) 1/5
Higher damage than the regular crossbow, hit players also become poisoned, causing them to lose health over time.
HL2S CBow.png Charge Bow HUD.png Charge Bow Resistance Ranger (IS)
Combine Ranger (IS)
1/7 60 No No
Damage and bolt velocity depends on how long the string was pulled.

Sniper rifles[edit]

All of the sniper rifles feature a scope with two selectable zoom modes. They also offer high accuracy when scoped, but without the scope the accuracy significantly decreases, making only the closest targets possible to reliably hit.

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage Laser guide Radar
HL2S SRifle.png Sniper Rifle Survivor HUD.png Sniper Rifle Resistance Sniper (IE) 2/16 60 Yes Yes
Combine Sniper (CU) 2/12
High damage, lethal on headshots.
HL2S LRifle.png Laser Rifle HUD.png Laser Rifle Resistance Sniper (CU) 99/99 5 Yes Yes
Combine Sniper (IE) 99/198
Low base damage, but fires in a continuous beam and also has strong knockback.
HL2S SSRifle.png Stun Sniper Rifle HUD.png Stun Sniper Rifle Resistance Sniper (IS)
Combine Sniper (IS)
1/4 1 No Yes
Resistance Medic (CU)
Combine Medic (CU)
Paralyzes hit enemies, temporarily reducing their movement speed.
HL2S MSRifle.png Marking Sniper Rifle HUD.png Marking Sniper Rifle Combine Soldier (IS)
Combine Sniper (IS)
1/7 1 No Yes
Marks the hit enemies, causing them to be visible on the radar and even through walls at close range.

Rocket Launchers[edit]

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage Laser guide Radar
HL2S RPG.png RPG HUD Survivor.png RPG Resistance Soldier (IE)
Combine Soldier (CU)
1/7 75 Yes Yes
A standard rocket-propelled grenade launcher.
HL2S DRPG.png Dual RPG HUD.png Dual RPG Resistance Soldier (IS)
Combine Soldier (IS)
2/14 65 No Yes
Allows 2 rockets to be fired before reloading, but has slightly lower damage. Secondary attack launches both rockets simultaneously.

Special items[edit]


Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage Area of effect
HL2S Grenade.png Fragmentation Grenade HUD Survivor.png HE Grenade Combine Ranger (CU) 10 90 Medium
Combine Soldier (CU) 8
Combine Sniper (IS) 5
A standard high explosive grenade.
HL2S SGrenade.png Smoke Grenade HUD.png Smoke Grenade Resistance Ranger (CU) 9 N/A Medium
Resistance Soldier (CU)
Resistance Sniper (IS)
Creates smoke screen and blocks visibility of covered areas.
HL2S FGrenade.png Fire Grenade HUD.png Fire Grenade Combine Ranger (CU) 6 0–87 Small
Combine Soldier (CU)
Combine Engineer (CU)
Covers small areas with fire that deals high damage to anyone walking through.
HL2S FlashGrenade.png Whiteout Grenade HUD.png Whiteout Grenade Resistance Soldier (CU) 5 N/A Large
Blinds nearby players.
HL2S PGrenade.png Poison Grenade HUD.png Poison Grenade Combine Ranger (IS)
Combine Medic (CU)
5 0–39 Medium
Poisons players, making them lose health over time.
HL2S CGrenade.png Capture Grenade HUD.png Capture Grenade Resistance Ranger (IS) 5 N/A Medium
Resistance Medic (CU) 6
Captures players, making them temporarily unable to move and attack.
HL2S TBomb.png Timer Grenade HUD.png Timer Grenade Combine Ranger (IS)
Combine Engineer (IS)
6 120 Medium
Allows detonation time to be changed, creates powerful explosions that damage players even through walls.


The traps are items which can be placed and will set off when an enemy steps on them or walks through a laser (if available).

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage
HL2S SLAM.png SLAM HUD Survivor.png S.L.A.M Resistance Ranger (CU) 8 80 (dropped)
90 (tripmine)
Resistance Soldier (CU) 4
Resistance Engineer (CU) 5
Can be set to detonate from being stepped on or when an enemy walks through a laser.
HL2S TTrap.png Tornado Trap HUD.png Tornado Trap Combine Soldier (CU) 3 20-100
Launches players high in the air, making them suffer from fall damage.
HL2S STrap.png Shake Trap HUD.png Shake Trap Resistance Engineer (CU)
Combine Engineer (IE)
6 N/A
Captures players, making them temporarily unable to move and attack.
HL2S PShake.png Powershake HUD.png Powershake Resistance Engineer (IS)
Combine Engineer (IS)
5 N/A
Captures players, making them temporarily unable to move and attack.

Can be set to detonate from being stepped on or when an enemy walks through a laser.


Injections are Medic's items that allow to restore player health or suit charge.

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Restores
HL2S RInjection.png Recovery Injection HUD.png Recovery Injection Resistance Medic (CU) 1/7
Combine Medic (IE) 1/8
Recovers health and removes status effects. Can be used on teammates, enemies and self.
HL2S EInjection.png Energy Injection HUD.png Energy Injection Resistance Medic (IS)
Combine Medic (IS)
  • Suit charge
Drains enemy suit charge and uses it to charge teammate suits.


Various items that can be dropped or placed for other players to pick up.

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Provides
HL2S EBattery.png Energy Battery HUD.png Energy Battery Resistance Engineer (CU) 5
  • Suit charge
Resistance Medic (IS) 8
Can be picked up to recover some of the suit charge..
HL2S SMagazine.png Special Magazine HUD.png Special Magazine Combine Engineer (CU)
Combine Medic (IS)
  • Ammunition
Contains ammunition for many of the Battle Mode's weapons.
HL2S HealthCD.png Health Charge Disk HUD.png Health Charge Disk Resistance Medic (CU)
Combine Medic (CU)
  • Health
  • Suit charge
Recovers player's health, also charges suit if the health is already full.
HL2S SBox.png Surprise Box HUD.png Surprise Box Resistance Soldier (IS)
Resistance Sniper (IS)
  • Health
  • Suit charge
  • SMG ammunition
  • Drinks
Placeable box that can be broken to reveal its contents.


The drinks are special items that temporarily boost the player's stats. The players can use the drinks on themselves by drinking them with the secondary attack, while the primary attack throws them for other players to pick up, which also immediately applies their effect.

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Affected stats Duration
HL2S JDrink.png Jump Drink HUD.png Jump Drink Resistance Ranger (IS)
Resistance Engineer (IS)
  • Jump power
  • Accuracy (mid-jump)
  • Melee damage (mid-jump)
  • Fall damage immunity
15 seconds
Grants the jump boost status effect.
HL2S PDrink.png Power Drink HUD.png Power Drink Resistance Medic (IS) 5
  • Speed
  • Jump power
  • Melee damage
  • Damage resistance
10 seconds
Grants the power-up status effect.
HL2S MDrink.png Mind Drink HUD.png Mind Drink Combine Medic (IS) 5 13 seconds
Grants the concentration status effect.


The shield items create floating shields that protect players from a certain amount enemy fire, and then break. Shields can be reinforced by holding the secondary attach before placing, doing so will consume suit charge.

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Health Duration
HL2S PShield.png Provisional Shield HUD.png Provisional Shield Resistance Sniper (CU)
Resistance Engineer (CU)
5 100–200
  • 60 seconds
Resistance Engineer (CU)
Combine Engineer (CU)
Creates a stationary shield.
HL2S HShield.png Hand Shield HUD.png Hand Shield Resistance Ranger (CU)
Combine Ranger (CU)
5 100–200
  • 5 seconds (detached)
  • Infinite (in hands)
Resistance Soldier (IS)
Combine Soldier (IS)
Creates shield that stays in front of the player as long as the item is selected.

Other items[edit]

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage Health
HL2S Decoy.png Decoy Bomb HUD.png Decoy Bomb Resistance Sniper (IS)
Combine Sniper (IS)
3 50 5
Creates holographic image of the Sniper, can be remotely detonated. Always shown on the enemy radar.
HL2S SGenerator.png Spark Generator HUD.png Spark Generator Resistance Soldier (IS)
Combine Soldier (IS)
4 5 10
Resistance Sniper CU)
Combine Sniper (CU)
Drains enemy suit charge and explodes after that.
HL2S SentryGun.png Sentry Gun HUD Survivor.png Sentry Gun Resistance Sniper (CU)
Combine Sniper (CU)
3 4 N/A
Attacks enemies in sight, enemy Sentries can be reprogrammed by picking them up with the Gravity Gun.
HL2S WCanceller.png Wave Canceller HUD.png Wave Canceller Resistance Engineer (IS)
Combine Engineer (IS)
3 N/A 1
Enemies within range are marked on the radar, and can not see anything on their own radars.

Cut items[edit]

These items appear to be cut, as no information about them can be found on the official website or any other resources prior to the public availability of the game's content dump in 2013. These are only obtainable on the PC version by using the debug_equip_weapon 1 console command. Some of these items may function incorrectly or not function at all.

Picture HUD icon Name Used by Ammo Base damage
HL2S GGloves.png Gravity Gloves HUD.png Gravity Gloves Unknown 6 15
Primary attack launches Combine Energy Balls, secondary attack functions similarly to the Gravity Gun's push mode, but can also push away players.
HL2S ISuit.png Invisible Suit HUD.png Invisible Suit Resistance Engineer
Combine Engineer
3 N/A
Unknown 6
Allows user to temporarily become invisible. Players can move and attack while invisible, but getting hit by an enemy removes the effect.
HL2S Manhack.png Manhack HUD.png Manhack Unknown 3 50[1]
Was supposed to spawn team-colored Manhacks, which could also be remotely detonated. Does not work.
HL2S Pheropod.png Pheropod HUD Survivor.png Pheropod Unknown 3 30[1]
Was supposed to spawn team-colored Antlions. Does not work.

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