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Smoke Grenade

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Smoke Grenade
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  • npc_smokegrenade_frag (thrown)

The Smoke Grenade, also known as the S-Grenade, is a weapon in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor. It can be unlocked for the Resistance Ranger by reaching B-Class and Resistance Soldier by reaching C-Class, and can also be purchased for the Resistance Sniper for 7,000 SG. It was included with the game on release. Combine characters use the Fragmentation Grenade instead.


As most other grenades, the smoke grenade can be thrown over medium distances by using the primary attack, and can also be dropped near the player with the secondary attack. In most cases, the grenade will immediately explode upon contact with any non-vertical surface, but may also bounce off if the angle of impact is sharp enough. The explosion does not deal any damage.

After the explosion, the grenade emits a large amount of team colored smoke, forming a cloud. The cloud obscures the player's vision; players standing inside the cloud will also have a greatly reduced visibility. Smoke clouds from teammate grenades will appear 60% less dense,[1] but only to the players standing inside the cloud.

The smoke lasts for 30 seconds, and gradually becomes less dense as the time passes.


  • Smoke grenades are useful for stopping enemy attacks, since it is difficult to hit someone while shooting through a smoke cloud, and going through the cloud puts players at disadvantage.
  • Smoke clouds can also be useful for hiding various traps.


  • Other players' names can be seen when aiming at them through the smoke.
  • When thrown under water, the smoke grenade will explode with a sound of the Fragmentation Grenade instead of its own, and will not emit any smoke.


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