This subject is related to the Combine era.

Sniper (Half-Life 2: Survivor)

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This subject is related to the Combine era.

For other uses, see Sniper (disambiguation).

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The Sniper is one of the five playable characters in the multiplayer game modes of Half-Life 2: Survivor.


In Battle Mode, the Sniper uses various sniper rifles, which offer high accuracy and are effective over long ranges due to the attached scopes with two zoom modes. The Sniper's main weapons are the Sniper Rifle and the Laser Rifle, the former dealing high amount of damage and being lethal on headshots, while the latter offers rapid firing speed and strong knockback. On the downside, the Sniper (and also the Medic) is less protected by the suit than other characters, and therefore should avoid close range encounters. The Sniper Rifle and the Laser Rifle also give away the player's position with their laser sights, but the Sniper's mobility, being the second highest in the game and only lower than that of the Ranger, allows the position to easily be changed.

The Sniper can also be used in the Mission Mode, but does not have any unique weapons or stats, as the mission mode's characters serve only cosmetic purpose.


Initial equipment[edit]

Picture Name Faction Ammo
HL2SCrowbar.png Crowbar Resistance N/A
HL2S Stun Baton.png Stunstick α Combine N/A
HL2S MP7.png SMG Resistance 45/135/2
HL2S OSIPR.png Pulse Rifle Combine 35/140/2
HL2S SRifle.png Sniper Rifle Resistance 2/16
HL2S LRifle.png Laser Rifle Combine 99/198

Additional equipment[edit]


Main article: Battle Points
Picture Name Faction Ammo Unlocked at
HL2S LRifle.png Laser Rifle Resistance 99/99 Ex emb 0002.png
HL2S SRifle.png Sniper Rifle Combine 2/12
HL2S PShield.png Provisional Shield Resistance
5 Ex emb 0003.png
HL2S SentryGun.png Sentry Gun Resistance
3 Ex emb 0004.png
HL2S PGun.png Paint Gun Resistance
3/6 Ex emb 0005.png
HL2S SGenerator.png Spark Generator Resistance
6 Ex emb 0006.png


Main article: Survivor Gold
Picture Name Faction Ammo Price
HL2S SGrenade.png Smoke Grenade Resistance 6 7,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S Grenade.png HE Grenade Combine 5
HL2S SEPistol.png Silenced Enhanced Pistol Resistance
10/40 40,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S SSRifle.png Stun Sniper Rifle Resistance
1/4 80,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S Decoy.png Decoy Bomb Resistance
3 150,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S SBox.png Surprise Box Resistance 5 200,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S MSRifle.png Marking Sniper Rifle Combine 1/7

Cosmetic items[edit]


Images Notes Acquisition[1]
Sniper Icon Resistance Male 1.pngSniper Icon Resistance Female 1.png Default skin. Initial equipment.
Sniper Icon Combine Male 1.pngSniper Icon Combine Female 1.png
Sniper Icon Resistance Male 2.pngSniper Icon Resistance Female 2.png Top part of the helmet removed, eyes equipped
with a single lens (male) or a visor (female).
Purchasable for 25,000 Survivor Gold.png.
Sniper Icon Combine Male 2.pngSniper Icon Combine Female 2.png Top part of the mask removed, revealing a mark on
the forehead, eyes are covered (male) or closed (female).
Sniper Icon Resistance Male 3.pngSniper Icon Resistance Female 3.png All headgear completely removed. Purchasable for 100,000 Survivor Gold.png.
Sniper Icon Combine Male 3.pngSniper Icon Combine Female 3.png Mask removed, revealing the eyes covered by a visor
and a third eye on the forehead (male) or inhuman
red eyes with scars on the lower face (female).


Image(s) Acquisition
Ex emb 0015.png Purchasable for 10,000 Survivor Gold.png.[2]
Ex emb 0041.pngEx emb 0220.pngEx emb 0056.pngEx emb 0235.png Take the first place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0042.pngEx emb 0221.pngEx emb 0057.pngEx emb 0236.png Take the second place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0043.pngEx emb 0222.pngEx emb 0058.pngEx emb 0237.png Take the third place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0326.png Unknown.


  • The Laser Rifle may sometimes be difficult to kill with due to its low damage and high knockback, but it can effectively be used to push enemies to a distance where their weapons become less effective, making them easier to kill with the Sniper Rifle.
  • Deploying a Pulse Shield allows the Sniper Rifle to be reloaded even in relatively open areas.
  • To prevent enemies from sneaking up from behind, the Sentry Gun and the Spark Generator can be set up to cover the Sniper's back.
  • If the enemy gets near, the odds can be shifted to the Sniper's side by using the Paint Gun. For situations when the enemy is close but does not know the Sniper's position the Silenced Enhanced Pistol is sometimes preferred, as it will not reveal it, while also dealing damage that penetrates the enemy's suit.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • The female Combine Sniper's model is based on the Combine Assassin, an enemy cut from Half-Life 2. The male Combine Sniper is based on the Combine Elite, who also reuses a helmet that was originally designed for the Combine Assassin.
  • It appears that the female Combine sniper was meant to play a more important role during the early stages of development. Multiple weapon viewmodels using the female Combine Sniper's hands can be found in the hl2mp\models\Weapons folder, using the sniper_f suffix. There are models for all Half-Life 2's weapons (except for the supercharged Gravity Gun), and also for the S.L.A.M, the early Sniper Rifle and the Stunstick (the one featured in the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, not the Survivor's Stunstick α). The 9mm Pistol's model shows a last modified date of May 31, 2005, while most other show June 23, making them the first models created for Half-Life 2: Survivor. The SMG's model, however, was modified much later, on February 20, 2006.[4]

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