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Dual Enhanced Pistols

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Dual Enhanced Pistols
Production information


Technical specifications



24 rounds

Max ammo







Close to medium

Used by
Game information


The Dual Enhanced Pistols,[1] also known as simply the Dual 9mm Pistols or D-Pistols, is a weapon in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor. It is a part of the Combine Ranger's initial equipment, and can be unlocked for the Resistance Ranger by reaching D-Class. It was added to the game in the Survivor 2.0 update,[1] which was released on November 29, 2007.[2]


Being a dual wielded version of the Enhanced Pistol, the Dual Enhanced Pistols penetrate the player's suit and deal direct damage to their health. The Dual Enhanced Pistols deal slightly less damage than the regular Enhanced Pistol (5 compared to 6), but have a higher magazine capacity of 24 bullets, which is, however, not twice as much as the 15 bullets in the regular Enhanced Pistol. When used by the Combine Ranger, the reserve ammo capacity is also significantly increased, allowing to fully reload the weapon three times (same as the regular Enhanced Pistol), while the Resistance Rangers can only reload twice.

Same as with the Enhanced Pistol, the firing speed is not limited, and depends only on how fast the player can pull the trigger.


Even though the Half-Life 2's 9mm Pistol can be used while under water, the Battle Mode's Enhanced Pistol can not. This also applies to the silenced and dual wielded versions.


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