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Soldier (Half-Life 2: Survivor)

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The Soldier is one of the five playable characters in the multiplayer game modes of Half-Life 2: Survivor.


In Battle Mode, the Soldier can carry the largest amount of reserve ammunition for the automatic weapons: SMG and Pulse Rifle, and is also the only character who can acquire (through purchase) the automatic weapon of the opposite faction, although it comes with no secondary ammunition. However, the Medic also has the same carry capacity for automatic weapon ammunition, while the Ranger can have more grenades and special items.

The Soldier has access to the most powerful weapons, namely the rocket-propelled grenade launchers, the Gatling Gun and the .357 Magnum. The Soldier is most well suited for medium range combat, as the available weapons are too inaccurate for long ranges, with the possible exception of the RPG. The Soldier's suit also offers the highest level of protection. The main drawback, however, is the considerably lower mobility compared to the other characters, especially when the Gatling Gun is deployed.

The Soldier can also be used in the Mission Mode, but does not have any unique weapons or stats, as the mission mode's characters serve only cosmetic purpose.


Initial equipment[edit]

Picture Name Faction Ammo
HL2SCrowbar.png Crowbar Resistance N/A
HL2S Stun Baton.png Stunstick α Combine N/A
HL2S MP7.png SMG Resistance 45/225/2
HL2S OSIPR.png Pulse Rifle Combine 35/210/2
HL2S RPG.png RPG Resistance 1/7
HL2S Gatling.png Gatling Gun Combine 1000

Additional equipment[edit]


Main article: Battle Points
Picture Name Faction Ammo Unlocked at
HL2S Gatling.png Gatling Gun Resistance 1000 Ex emb 0002.png
HL2S RPG.png RPG Combine 1/7
HL2S SGrenade.png Smoke Grenade Resistance 6 Ex emb 0003.png
HL2S Grenade.png HE Grenade Combine 8
HL2S Magnum.png .357 Magnum Resistance
6/12 Ex emb 0004.png
HL2S FlashGrenade.png Whiteout Grenade Resistance 5 Ex emb 0005.png
HL2S TTrap.png Tornado Trap Combine 3
HL2S SLAM.png S.L.A.M Resistance 4 Ex emb 0006.png
HL2S FGrenade.png Fire Grenade Combine 4


Main article: Survivor Gold
Picture Name Faction Ammo Price
HL2S SGenerator.png Spark Generator Resistance
4 7,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S OSIPR.png Pulse Rifle Resistance 35/70/0 40,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S MP7.png Submachine Gun Combine 45/90/0
HL2S HShield.png Hand Shield Resistance
4 80,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S DRPG.png Dual RPG Resistance
2/10 150,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S SBox.png Surprise Box Resistance 5 200,000 Survivor Gold.png
HL2S MSRifle.png Marking Sniper Rifle Combine 1/7

Cosmetic items[edit]


Images Notes Acquisition[1]
Soldier Icon Resistance Male 1.pngSoldier Icon Resistance Female 1.png Default skin. Initial equipment.
Soldier Icon Combine Male 1.pngSoldier Icon Combine Female 1.png
Soldier Icon Resistance Male 2.pngSoldier Icon Resistance Female 2.png Afro hair, scarf removed (male)
helmet replaced with a rag (female).
Purchasable for 25,000 Survivor Gold.png.
Soldier Icon Combine Male 2.pngSoldier Icon Combine Female 2.png Horns and teeth are added to the mask.
Soldier Icon Resistance Male 3.pngSoldier Icon Resistance Female 3.png Balaclava with a Lambda logo (male),
short blonde hair and shades (female).
Purchasable for 100,000 Survivor Gold.png.
Soldier Icon Combine Male 3.pngSoldier Icon Combine Female 3.png American football helmet (male)
leather mask with long blond hair (female).


Image(s) Acquisition
Ex emb 0014.png Purchasable for 10,000 Survivor Gold.png.[2]
Ex emb 0038.pngEx emb 0217.pngEx emb 0053.pngEx emb 0232.png Take the first place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0039.pngEx emb 0218.pngEx emb 0054.pngEx emb 0233.png Take the second place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0040.pngEx emb 0219.pngEx emb 0055.pngEx emb 0234.png Take the third place in the last month's hall of fame.[3]
Ex emb 0325.png Unknown.

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