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Charge Bow

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Charge Bow
Production information


Technical specifications


Magazine/reload type

Single projectile

Max ammo


Rate of fire


Projectile speed





All distances

Used by

Ranger (IS)

Game information
  • weapon_chargebow_mp (weapon entity)
  • crossbow_bolt_mp (projectile)

The Charge Bow is a purchasable weapon for the Ranger in the Battle Mode of Half-Life 2: Survivor, available for 200,000 SG. It was added to the game in the 2.05 update,[1] which was released on December 17, 2008.[2]


Similarly to the Crossbow and the Poison Crossbow, the Charge Bow fires projectiles that are affected by gravity and bounce off surfaces on sharp impact angles. While the crossbows always deal the same amount of damage, depending only on the body part that was hit, the Charge Bow arrow's damage, as well as velocity, depends also on how long the string was pulled.

If the player presses the primary attack and immediately releases it, the launched arrow will have much lower velocity than bolts launched from crossbows, and will quickly begin falling towards the ground; it is still able to deal 60 points of damage, which is significantly more than dealt by the crossbows. If the primary attack is held for longer, the end of the bow will begin to glow, indicating the charging process. Fully charged arrows are launched at a higher velocity than bolts from crossbows. However, they appear to prioritize suit damage: when fired at a player with a fully charged suit, an arrow with the lowest charge level will inflict 12 points of damage to the player's health (which is 1/5 of the 60 point base damage); a fully charged arrow will deal only 10 points of health damage, but it will completely drain the suit power. Nevertheless, the arrow fired at the maximum charge level will always kill an enemy player on headshot, even with a fully charged suit; players without the suit charge can be killed in a single hit even by an uncharged arrow.


  • Just like the crossbows, the Charge Bow is able to penetrate shields (the Provisional Shield and the Hand Shield).
  • If the string is pulled for too long, the glowing of the bow's end will be replaced by large spark effects, obstructing the player's vision.
  • The Charge Bow can still be switched to other weapon while the string is pulled. Doing so will not consume any ammunition.


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