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Gravity Gloves (Half-Life 2: Survivor)

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This article is about the cut Half-Life 2: Survivor weapon. For the tool used by Alyx Vance, see Gravity Gloves (Half-Life: Alyx).

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Gravity Gloves Blue.png
Gravity Gloves
Technical specifications
  • 15 (push attack)
  • 50 (pulse ball)
Max ammo


Used by


Game information
  • weapon_gglove_mp
    (weapon entity)
  • prop_pulse_ball

The Gravity Gloves,[1] also known as the G-Gloves, are a weapon in Half-Life 2: Survivor. This weapon is not mentioned on the official Survivor website or any other resources prior to the public availability of the game's content dump in 2013, suggesting that it was never used in the official battle mode. As such the only way to obtain it is by using the debug_equip_weapon 1 console command on the PC version. Files related to the weapon were last modified on August 5, 2008,[2] indicating that it might have been added in the 2.04 update.[3]


The Gravity Gloves have two attack modes. Primary attack launches a pulse ball.[4] Pulse balls look and function similarly to the Combine Energy Balls, but deal more damage (50 points compared to 35 of the energy balls) and do not bounce, exploding on contact with any surface. As with all other explosives, pulse balls deal damage to both enemies and teammates.

Secondary attack is similar to the Gravity Gun's primary attack and can be used to push away nearby objects. However, while the regular Gravity Gun can only affect inanimate objects (with few exceptions like Headcrabs and Antlions), the Gravity Gloves can also push away other players and deal a small amount of damage. Teammates are pushed without any damage.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Survivor's game files suggest that before the Gravity Gloves were cut their principle of operation might have gone through multiple iterations. The weapon's viewmodel has an unused 'hold' animation, suggesting that at some point during the development it was meant to operate even more similarly to the Gravity Gun. Melee hit sounds can also be found.


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