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Crash Site

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Crash Site

Half-Life: Opposing Force

Game mode(s)

Capture The Flag

Power-Up spawns




Crash Site is a map in the multiplayer mode of Half-Life: Opposing Force. It was added in the Opposing Force CTF update.


Based on a level from Welcome to Black Mesa (map of1a2) from Half-Life: Opposing Force.


“Weakened by the crash of their insertion craft, the surviving soldiers set up camp in a nearby structure to await word from the main assault force to attack the civilian base. Meanwhile, across the crash site, scientists and security guards of the Black Mesa facility have learned that the soldier's goal is not rescue, but destruction. The civilians, then, quickly gathered weapons and ammunition and prepared for the inevitable battle. The battle started around the debris from the crash site, but soon each side discovered sewers and tunnels that provided routes to secretly flank opponents.”
Opposing Force CTF Description


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