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Black Mesa Biodomes

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Black Mesa Biodomes

David Mertz[1][2]


Half-Life: Opposing Force

Game mode(s)

Capture The Flag

Power-Up spawns




Black Mesa Biodomes is a map in the multiplayer mode of Half-Life: Opposing Force. It was added in the Opposing Force CTF update.



“The Black Mesa laboratories included an experimental biodome, which simulated the environments of the border world of Xen. The biodome, separated into quadrants, was designed to allow scientists many angles to watch and interact with experiments. Therefore, the design of the biodome allowed for vantage points from high, low and middle ground - making the dome a strategically important landmark. When the soldiers invaded and captured one quadrant of the biodomes (turning it into a makeshift HQ), a battle ensued between the military and the civilians each fighting for control of the domes.”
Opposing Force CTF Description


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