This subject is related to a real world perspective.
This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

Rocket Frenzy

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This subject is related to a real world perspective.
This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

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Rocket Frenzy


Game mode(s)
  • Deathmatch
  • Teamplay


Rocket Frenzy is a map in the multiplayer mode of Half-Life. It was added to the game in the 25th Anniversary Update on November 17, 2023.[1]


Rocket Frenzy appears to take inspiration from the final sequence of On A Rail, as well as elements from the White Forest Base from Episode 2. taking place in a rocket silo under the area the rocket is launched in the campaign. The map consists of four floors (counted from the bottom up) and an underwater area, including a generator room, a coolant exchange, a fuel system, and a satellite operations centre, respectively. The floors are largely circular, and interlinked by a stairwell, a series of ladders, and an elevator.

Players can also launch the rocket in the centre of the map. In order to do this, they must press three buttons, labelled "POWER" (floor 4), "OXY" (floor 3), and "FUEL" (floor 2). After this, they must press a button located on floor 1. After pressing the button, the Black Mesa Announcement System will begin counting down from 90 seconds before the rocket fires, instantly killing everyone outside the launch room and turning every player's screen white. In order to counteract this, other players can press the buttons again to turn them off. Once the rocket has been launched, it will not respawn for the duration of the map.

The buttons used to enable the rocket also have additional environmental effects as well. While the power generator is active, the water around it becomes electrified and make attempts to acquire the Tau Cannon more lethal. Activating the oxygen causes a platform located directly under the rocket to begin exerting air, pushing players away from the top and an entry located at the side and preventing them from accessing the Rocket Launcher as a result. Turning on the fuel likewise places a fire in front of the button, making it impossible to get the Long Jump Module as a result. The Gluon Gun is located at the first floor, at the top of the elevator.

Outside of the circular area making up the centre of the map, the numerous interconnected corridors branching off from the centre further connect and allow for more close-range combat. Additionally, the Tripod-Mounted Heavy Machine Gun located outside the satellite operations centre can be used by a player against other players.


“The creaking weight of this decaying orbital satellite launch facility somehow feels familiar… If we could switch on the oxygen lines, power, and fuel, we might just be able to light this candle.”
Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update Description[1]