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Perpetual Testing Initiative

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Perpetual Testing Initiative
Original author(s)

Valve Corporation

Initial release

May 8, 2012[2]


Windows, OS X

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Level editor




PeTI's Steam Workshop page

The Perpetual Testing Initiative (abbreviated as PeTI) is the in-universe name for the simplified Portal 2 level editor, or Puzzle Maker, and the Steam Workshop integration for it, released as one DLC package on May 8, 2012.[2]


PeTI was first officially introduced in an informational video narrated by Cave Johnson, officially released on April 27, 2012, and featured as an introduction in the level editor itself. It can be replayed at any time from Portal 2's in-game Extras menu.


In the new storyline of the Perpetual Testing Initiative (which is possibly set in 1988, according to its trailer), Cave Johnson wants to lessen Aperture's spending, to avoid bankruptcy. In order to do so, he establishes the Extra-Earth Outsourcing Initiative. Instead of having Test Chambers built in our own dimension (known as Earth One), the plans are sent to versions of Aperture Science in other dimensions within the multiverse, and these alternate Apertures will then build the Test Chambers. Test Subjects from Earth One are then sent there to test the chambers. In-game, the Test Subjects are represented by Bendies.

Several of the announcements from Cave Johnson can be pieced together to create an overall storyline taking place during testing. Test Subjects from another "evil" dimension began testing on Earth One while playing malicious pranks, much to the annoyance of Cave, who orders the player to find a "money-verse", a universe made entirely of US currency. "Evil Cave" or "Dark Cave", meanwhile, requests the player bring any information of a money-verse to him, promising to double their asparagus rations and give them all the methane they can breathe. This culminates in a bidding war between the two Caves, before the player's own evil counterpart finds two money-verses, which they split, solving their financial issues. Cave then brings the player back to Earth One to continue testing now that they can afford their own chambers.


During the course of the DLC, the player is sent to multiple universes via the Multiverse Device to Test Chambers built by alternate versions of Aperture Science. These universes act as parallel dimensions where different Apertures exist, each one with a different version of Cave Johnson, and a different backstory. While none of these dimensions are really seen outside of the Test Chambers, announcements from Cave Johnson played at the beginning of each test reveal the nature of the universe the player is testing.

It appears that some of the audio announcements in these parallel universes are overheard by Cave Prime (the Cave Johnson of Earth One), making him aware of how different those alternate Caves are from him and how these parallel Aperture facilities might work. To avoid confusion with other "Cave impostors" from these parallel dimension, the original Cave Johnson uses "chariots" as code word (although later on he starts using "chariots chariots", after learning that alternate Caves might also have the same habit of saying "chariots").



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