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Jay Pinkerton

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Jay Pinkerton
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Biographical information

June 15, 1977



Time period

2008 - June 2017, July 2018 - Present[1]

Jay Pinkerton is a nationally published Canadian humorist and writer. At Valve, he co-wrote Portal 2’s plot with Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek.[2]


Pinkerton is a former editor of both and Cracked magazine. Prior to joining Cracked, he served as the managing editor of, the website of the national comedy and film brand. Since joining Cracked, Pinkerton has helped make a leading comedy site, including by bringing in new contributors.

Selected gameography[edit]


Cave Johnson's assistant Caroline is named after Pinkerton's mother,[3] while the minor employee Karla is named after his wife.[4]


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