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Harry S. Robins

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Harry S. Robins
Harry S. Robins.jpg
Biographical information

November 28, 1950[1]

Place of birth

Lebanon, Indiana, USA[1]

  • Actor
  • Voice actor
  • Writer
  • Animator
"When voicing the good scientist, I tend to follow my instincts. I visualize a peevish, condescending specialist, whose over-precise diction is intended for the benefit of those whom the speaker believes to be unintelligent and in need of explicit instruction. This in itself suggests a comic character portrayal. The best 'mad scientist' voice and manner which I know of, and which undoubtedly I tend to emulate somewhat, would be Lionel Jeffries in the British film "The First Men in the Moon". A pastiche of his vocal mannerisms serves me well as my 'default' performance. I have always been assisted by useful supervision and direction, which eliminates the need for falling back on such tropes."
― Harry S. Robins[src]

Harry S. Robins, also known as Hal Robins, is a voice artist and screen writer.


Robins is best known for his vocal work for the Half-Life series. With Michael Shapiro, he is one of the few voice actors who has done voice acting for all of the Half-Life games. He is a prominent member of the parody religion Church of the SubGenius as Dr. Howland Owll. He has also been a comic book artist and cartoonist, having written and illustrated The Meaning of Lost and Mismatched Socks published by Frog, Ltd. Aditonally, Robins co-wrote the film Kamillions with director Mike B. Anderson.

Work for the Half-Life series[edit]

Half-Life and its expansions[edit]

  • Black Mesa scientists (with Michael Shapiro)
  • "Forget About Freeman!" HECU officer (Half-Life / Opposing Force)
  • Several HECU soldiers heard in radio transmissions (Opposing Force)
  • HECU soldiers (when they actually chat together) (with Michael Shapiro) (Half-Life)
  • Male Black Ops (with Michael Shapiro) (Opposing Force)
  • Rosenberg (Blue Shift) (replaced by Jon St. John in the final game; the recorded dialogue can be still found in the game files)

Half-Life 2 and its episodes[edit]


The menu played when calling Valve.

Robins recorded the instructions for Valve's answering machine.

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