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Tristan Reidford

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Tristan Reidford
Tristan reidford.jpg
Biographical information
  • Conceptual artist[1]
  • 3D modeler and renderer[1]
Time period

July 2007 – Present[1]

Tristan Reidford is conceptual artist for Valve.


Currently living in Seattle, Reidford attended Coventry University.[1] He used to do independent contract work for Free Radical Design, Jones Garrard Move and Valve, until he was hired by the latter in 2007. He models and textures with Maya.[1]


Reidford specifically worked with Ted Backman and Jeremy Bennett on concept art for Half-Life 2: Episode Three, showing a Gordon Freeman confronting an Advisor, which was selected for the 2008 Into the Pixel Collection. He also designed the two robots appearing in Portal 2’s co-operative campaign, ATLAS and P-body.[2]

Selected gameography[edit]