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Tom Taylorson

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Tom Taylorson
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Biographical information
  • Voice-over artist
  • Voice actor
“You know all the "zombie" people w/ headcrabs on their heads? That's me. Had a blast.”
— Tom Taylorson[1]

Tom Taylorson is an American voice-over artist and voice actor who provided the voices of the Zombies in Half-Life: Alyx.


Taylorson began working as an actor in Chicago after earning a BFA in Theatre Arts Performance. He is now based in Los Angeles[2] and has accumulated over a decade of stage experience, ranging from outdoor and black box theaters to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.[3] Taylorson was previously an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College Chicago,[2] where he taught Voice Over for Interactive Media.[3] He now primarily works as a voice actor and audiobook narrator, having appeared in a multitude of national radio and television commercials, video games, and audiobooks.[2]

Taylorson landed his first video game gig in 2006, when he provided the voices of Argus, Daegon, Orin, Reptile, and Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. He next performed in a video game in 2014 when he provided the voices of Octodad, Chef Fujimoto, and Everyman in Octodad: Dadliest Catch. In 2017, he landed the roles of Scott Ryder in Mass Effect: Andromeda, Gilgamesh in the English-language version of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus, and various characters in Battle Chef Brigade. In 2018, he continued to expand his resumé by providing additional voice work for God of War and Red Dead Redemption II.[4]

In 2019, Taylorson lent his voice to Agent Raith in Star Wars Resistance, his first ever role in a TV series, and in 2020 provided the voices of the Zombies in Half-Life: Alyx, his first ever collaboration with Valve.[4]

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