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Adam Baldwin

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Adam Baldwin
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Biographical information

February 27, 1962

Place of birth

Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Actor
  • Voice actor

Adam Baldwin is, with John Patrick Lowrie and Earl Alexander, one of the voice actors for the male Resistance fighters and Citizens in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, most notably MIRT, Sheckley and the lecturing Rebel that appears in the AR3 scene.


Baldwin was born in Chicago, Illinois. He studied at New Trier Township High School East in Winnetka, Illinois, and once worked as a truck driver. Mostly a television actor, he appeared in the TV series Firefly, Chuck and Stargate SG-1. He also appeared in several feature films such as Full Metal Jacket, Predator 2 and The Patriot. In the video games industry, he voiced the Marines in Halo 3, and Kal'Reegar in Mass Effect 2.

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