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Jonathan Coulton

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Jonathan Coulton
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Biographical information

December 1, 1970

  • Singer
  • Songwriter

Jonathan Coulton is an American singer-songwriter, whose claim to fame was his use of the Internet to distribute his music.


In 2005, he quit his job as a software writer to embark on a project he named "Thing a Week", for which he released a song every Friday for an entire year. This project was a massive success, and Coulton is now regarded an "Internet super-star". He now makes his living as a musician.

Famous for his music containing themes of geek culture, he has been featured in Portal in 2007, for which he wrote the credits song, "Still Alive",[1] sung by Ellen McLain. On The Orange Box Original Soundtrack, a version of the song sung by him is featured. The other is one of his earlier songs, "Re: Your Brains", which was included, along with "Still Alive", in a jukebox in Left 4 Dead 2. This song is framed as a memo sent by an infected zombie horde representative to his old co-worker trapped inside a mall indefinitely.

Coulton returned for Portal 2, the sequel to Portal released in 2011, and again provided the credits song, this time titled "Want You Gone".[2]

Coulton composed a third song related for the Portal universe, "You Wouldn't Know", for the 2015 video game Lego Dimensions.


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