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Karen Laur

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Karen Laur
Biographical information

c. 1966[1]

  • Illustrator
  • Texture-Maker
  • Artist
Time period

January 1997 – March 1999[1]

Karen Elizabeth Laur is an artist and designer who worked for Valve on Half-Life.


Laur graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1987, with a Major in Anthropology/Equine Studies. She has contributed to Starwave Corporation's Eastwood (1995) and Castle Infinity (1996), and Activision's Zork Nemesis (1996).[1]

She was a texture artist at Valve for Half-Life (1998) and some of the canceled Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms (2000). She extensively used Worldcraft for final texture passes as well as creation of architecture examples for level designers, she directed the level designers in use of textures, lighting and architectural integrity, she created skyboxes combining photographic and generated elements, and collected over 3GB of photographic reference material.[1]

Work for Half-Life[edit]


Karen's name appears in the game as an Easter egg on a Sector C locker.

Selected gameography[edit]

Company biographies[edit]

Karen Laur - Illustrator/Texture-Maker/Artist at Large
Karen has contributed to Starwave Corporation's Castle Infinty and Eastwood, and Activision's Zork Nemesis. She was the sole creator of Materia Prima, a texture collection published by the Valis Group, and was head designer for Maya Romanoff, a prestigious producer of hand-made wallpaper. Karen was also owner/operator of the Washington DC restaurant, Dante's.


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