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Kim Swift

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Kim Swift
Biographical information

c. 1983[1]

  • Level designer[1]
  • Project lead[2]

Tactical Socks[3]

Kim Swift is a level designer who worked at Valve from July 2005 to November 2009.[4] She is best known for her work on Portal, which was based on her student project Narbacular Drop.


Swift attended DigiPen Institute of Technology. As part of her senior game project, she took part in the making of the video game Narbacular Drop, as part of the team Nuclear Monkey Software. Following Narbacular Drop’s release, most of Nuclear Monkey Software was hired by Valve to adapt Narbacular Drop’s core mechanics (i.e. its portal technology) to the Source engine, eventually leading to the creation of Portal,[2] for which she worked as project lead and level designer.[3]

Following the release of Portal, she received the "Innovation", "Game of the Year" (both with Erik Wolpaw) and "Game Design" (with Realm Lovejoy and Paul Graham) awards at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards.[5]

In early December 2009, Swift left Valve for independent developer Airtight Games to work as project lead on the video game Quantum Conundrum, a higher position relative to her job at Valve.[6]

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