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Kathy Levin

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Kathy Levin
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  • Voice Actress
  • Singer

Kathy Levin is an American voice actress. Levin voiced the Black Mesa Transit System announcer, Gina Cross (both as the holographic assistant and her NPC) and the HEV Suit for Half-Life, where recordings for such have continued to be reused in its sequel Half-Life 2 and the subsequent episodes.


She has been in the voice acting business since 1985.[1] Beginning her career in Los Angeles, she performed as a musical comedy and improvisational actress in various productions before finding her true calling as a voice actress.[2]

Currently working as a voice actress in Seattle,[2] she also provided the voice for many other video games such as Blood II: The Chosen (along with Michael Shapiro and Lani Minella)[3] or the Spy Fox series, and for a variety of companies.[1][2] She also has extensive experience as a voicecaster and producer[2] and can imitate French and several English accents.[1]


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