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J.K. Simmons

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J.K. Simmons
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Biographical information

January 9, 1955[1]

Place of birth

Detroit, Michigan, USA[1]

  • Actor
  • Voice actor

Jonathan Kimble "J.K." Simmons is an American actor and voice actor.


Simmons is best known on television for his roles as Dr. Emil Skoda in Law and Order, Assistant Police Chief Will Pope in The Closer, Vernon Schillinger in Oz and the teacher in the Farmer's Insurance commercials. In films, he is best known for his role as J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man franchise and as Mac MacGuff in Juno. He also appeared in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series as US President Howard T. Ackerman.[1]

In Portal 2 and Lego Dimensions, he voices Aperture Science founder and CEO Cave Johnson.


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