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Lani Minella

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Lani Minella
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Biographical information


  • Voice actress
  • Casting director
  • Director[1]

Lani Minella is a voice actress who provided the voice of Colette Green in Half-Life: Decay.


As video game voice actress, Minella also provided voices for more than 450 video games including Blood II: The Chosen (for which Michael Shapiro and Kathy Levin also provided a voice), the Nancy Drew series (providing the voices of Nancy Drew, Loulou the Parrot and Freddie), Diablo II, Sonic the Hedgehog (providing Rouge the Bat's voice prior to the 4Kids Entertainment recasting), Unreal and Shadow Warrior, among others. She is also a prolific video game director and casting director. Additionally, she provided voice acting for several TV and anime series.[1]


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