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Yahn Bernier

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Yahn Bernier
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Biographical information


  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software Developer
Time period

February 23, 1998[2] – Present[3]

Yahn Bernier is a software developer at Valve.


"Yahn was an Atlanta patent lawyer with a degree in chemistry from Harvard. So obviously he ended up in Seattle developing computer games. He taught himself to program at the age of 12 and has worked on the systems code and tools for most of Valve's titles."
Source (24 July 2015)

At some point, Yahn got interested in 3D graphics and developed a level editor for Quake called BSP,[4] that led to a job offer at Valve.[5]


Yahn worked on Half-Life's multiplayer netcode,[4] and designed and programmed the captioning system for the Source engine.[6] He took part in the development of the Hammer level editor,[7] and helped create the Half-Life 2 Prima Guide.[8]


Yahn's surname was to appear in Half-Life as an Easter egg on a Sector C locker.

Selected gameography[edit]