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Mary Kae Irvin

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Mary Kae Irvin
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  • Actress
  • Voice actress

Mary Kae Irvin Lindsey is an American actress who voiced the female Citizens and Rebels in Half-Life 2 and its episodes.


She studied at the University of Washington where she earned her Master of Fine Arts in the Professional Actor Training Program. She is fluent in Russian, Swedish and English dialects such as British, Irish and Cockney. She can sing (alto) and play the flute. She played stage roles, provided many voice-overs for the radio and television, was in several commercials, films, TV films, TV series, corporate videos, and CD-ROMs.[1] She also voiced civilians in the video game Halo 3.[2]

Along with Jim French, Irvin was one of the voice actors from the Seattle area firm that Sierra and Valve used to cast the roles in the GoldSrc game Gunman Chronicles. She played the Tram Announcer in the title, and years later, she and French would both return to Valve to play roles in Half-Life 2.[3] She provided the early dialog for Elena Mossman in the Half-Life 2 leak.

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