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Ellen McLain

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Ellen McLain
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Biographical information


Place of birth

Nashville, Tennessee

  • Voice actress
  • Singer[1]
"I Googled 'Portal in-game,' and I went to the trailer. And I just loved it! I loved hearing my voice! And as I told the production team, I have never played a computer game in my life. But I want to play this one!"
― Ellen McLain[src]

Ellen McLain is the voice actress for the Overwatch Voice in Half-Life 2 and its episodes, GLaDOS, the Sentry Turrets, the female Personality Cores, the Relaxation Vault toilet and Caroline in Portal, Portal 2 and Lego Dimensions and the Announcer in Team Fortress 2, making her the only voice actor to appear in every game of the The Orange Box. She also provided the narration of the trailer for The Orange Box, as GLaDOS.[2]


McLain is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She was educated at The North Carolina School of the Arts and The New England Conservatory in Boston where she received her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees with Honors in Music. McLain is above all an opera singer and she has had many stage parts and worked with some of the world's greatest conductors, including Seiji Ozawa, Gerard Schwarz, and Gunther Schuller. She has also performed in theater and won the National Institute for Music Theater award. Her vocal range is from Low E to High E.[1]

McLain lives in Seattle with her husband, composer and actor John Patrick Lowrie, who also performs voice acting for Valve.


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