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Matthew Scott

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Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott.jpg
Biographical information
  • Animator
  • Designer
Time period

April 2005 – April 2013[1]
February 2017 – Present

Matthew Scott is an animator and a designer who works at Valve.


For Half-Life 2: Episode One, Scott helped create special animated sequences, such as the van ride through the Citadel. He also worked on Alyx's new AI interactions, including kicking Headcrabs off Zombies and dodging Antlions. For Half-Life 2: Episode Two, he created most of the Hunter's animations. Moreover, Scott helped build in-engine cutscenes of both Episodes. He also trained new employees on Maya, Hammer, FacePoser, and runtime debugging tools.[1]

For Portal 2, Scott co-directed and produced the co-op ending sequence. Being a Technical Animator, he established a pipeline to help non-technical animators work with complex scenes, such as the one in which GLaDOS crushes Wheatley and throws the Chell into the Incinerator, or the one with GLaDOS being uploaded into a potato battery. He also organized the workload and plans of the Multiplayer Animation Team and the Animation Engineer into something they could ship quickly but to a high degree of quality.[1]

Selected gameography[edit]