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Steve Theodore

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Steve Theodore
Biographical information
  • Game Designer
  • Animator
Time period

1997 – 2002[1]



Steve Theodore is an animator and designer who worked at Valve.


Steve has been working in the gaming industry since 1995. He had previously worked at Fasa Interactive as an artist, before joining Valve to work on Prospero in 1997. During his time at Valve, Steve worked on Half-Life and many other titles. He also wrote many of the technical documents included in Half-Life SDK, and provided technical support for external projects.[2]


Steve modeled, textured, and animated numerous assets, including the Houndeyes, Osprey Heliplane, M1A1 Abrams, the Loader, Black Mesa Transit System trams, the Materials Handler, Gus, entities for an early Mr. Valve intro, and most of the Half-Life weapons, which he also designed. He created about 25 scripted sequences as well.[2] For the game's multiplayer component, he made several custom player models, including a Santa Claus,[3] Too Much Coffee Man[4] and a Skeleton.[5]


Steve's surname appears in Half-Life as an Easter egg in the Anomalous Materials laboratory on a locker.

Selected gameography[edit]

Company biographies[edit]

Steve Theodore - Game Designer/Animator
Steve Theodore comes to Valve from FASA Interactive in Chicago, where he made BattleMechs (tm) for FASA Interactive's MechCommander and the ill-fated MechWarrior III. He's probably the only animator you'll ever meet with a degree in Roman History and a reading knowledge of ancient Greek. Despite his professorial manner, Steve was a member of Chicago's famous art-rock trio, "The Chimps" and was feared and hated by his former landlady.


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