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Materials Handler

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Materials Handler
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Sample cart


Black Mesa

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Steve Theodore[1]

The Materials Handler,[1] also known as the sample cart,[2] is a device used by Black Mesa scientists to deliver material samples (such as Xen crystals) to Sector C's Test Lab C-33/a where they are analyzed by the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.


Samples are held by the cart's pincers while a scientist must push the instrument to its intended destination. On the day of the fateful experiment, Gina Cross brings the sample cart holding sample GG-3883 into the lift below the test chamber. Above, Gordon Freeman puts it into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer's beam, triggering the Resonance Cascade. The cart was completely destroyed during the ensuing devastation.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Materials Handler was designed to resemble a futuristic shopping cart.[3]


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