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Aperture Science Self Esteem Field

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Aperture Science Self Esteem Field
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The Aperture Science Self Esteem Field,[1] referred to internally as the slowfield,[1][2] is a testing element cut from Portal 2.


In the almost fully functional code left in the retail release of Portal 2, the effect of the slowfield is pre-set to last 5.5 seconds upon activation; during this period, time for the player is slowed down fivefold by default while the field of view is decreased, a color overlay is displayed, and a set of sound effects is played.[2] Related to the field are slowtime_ entites[2] and, consequently, a cut +slowtime command, which can be found bound to the r key in one of the game's files.[3]

The only instance in which the full name of the testing element appears is in a cut quote by GLaDOS:

“You have just experienced an Aperture Science Self Esteem Field, which temporarily increases your reaction time.”

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