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Section N Robotic Associate Construction Annex

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Section N Robotic Associate Construction Annex
General information

Aperture Science Enrichment Center


Portal 2


Aperture Science

Game information


The Section N Robotic Associate Construction Annex is an area located within the Enrichment Center, used for the construction of Apertures robotic associates, as well as the maintenance of the reassembly machines.


The Section N Robotic Associate Construction Annex is briefly visited by ATLAS and P-body before entering the Test Chamber 05 during the Peer Review DLC for Portal 2. GLaDOS sends the robots here to reactivate the disassembly machines after their failure. Once doing so, the robots enter the machines, and are taken to new test chambers instead. The area is mainly composed of office and work spaces, all placed around a central inaccessible conference room, containing various whiteboards. The offices contains various heads, as well as a single arm, of what appears to be basic models of ATLAS and P-body. It also contains numerous posters encouraging human-robot co-operation, similar to those found in Test Shaft 09. It also contains several broken fragments and whole specimen of defective turrets. In the far end of the sector, the breaker switches for the re-assembly machines are found.

Behind the scenes[edit]

This area was first introduced in the second "Aperture Investment Opportunity" video, "Bot Trust."


  • In one of the inaccessible offices, a turret can be found sitting on a clerical chair, facing a computer monitor.
  • Text can be found on various of the whiteboards, such as: "Do not trust her: Security through obscurity is out only option", possibly hinting that Aperture employees distrustful of GLaDOS might have been hiding from her. Some of the whiteboards also contains the text: "Who took my lunchbox?", and one even shows the equation of the physical term half-life, referencing the game of the same name. Parts of the whiteboards were also revealed during the PotatoFoolsDay ARG.


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