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Northern Star

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Northern Star Exterior.jpg
Northern Star
General information

Before the Seven Hour War


After the Uprising


Quarantine Zone, City 17, Europe, Earth


Combine occupation

Game information

a3_hotel_interior_rooftop a3_hotel_lobby_basement a3_hotel_street a3_hotel_underground_pit

"Look to the Northern Star."

The Northern Star is a location in Half-Life: Alyx featured in the chapter The Northern Star.


Located deep within the Quarantine Zone, Alyx Vance passes through a long abandoned hotel on her way to the Vault. Once inside the basement, she is first introduced to a Reviver, nicknamed "lightning dogs", which can enter host bodies and generate electricity. Eventually, she reaches a Combine substation built onto the side of the building which is keeping the Vault afloat in the sky. She discovers that each substation contains an enslaved Vortigaunt which is forced to channel its electrical energy to the Vault to power it. Grateful for its freedom, the liberated Vortigaunt promises Alyx to rally its peers to take down the remaining substations.

Related Achievements[edit]

Half-Life: Alyx
Achievement Checking In.jpg Checking In
Reach the Northern Star.
Achievement Heart-Breaker Hotel.jpg Heart-Breaker Hotel
Get creative turning the power back on.
Achievement Surface Tension.jpg Surface Tension
Escape the underground pit.
Achievement Unbonded.jpg Unbonded
Collect the SMG.
Achievement Cord-Cutter.jpg Cord-Cutter
Shut down the substation.
Achievement Xen Lootism.jpg Xen Lootism
Snatch a Xen grenade from its resting place.
Achievement Safe Trip.jpg Safe Trip
Use the multitool to hack a tripmine.

Behind the scenes[edit]


  • The decapitated stone statue in the hotel's courtyard is similar in appearance to that of the Russian Communist revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin.


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