This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Reactor Lab

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Reactor Lab
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Dave Riller[a]


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Reactor Lab[1] is a location and chapter cut from Half-Life. A playable version can be found in Half-Life Alpha.


In Alpha, there is an unfinished playable version of the chapter. The puzzle elements were removed for ease of navigation. The area is described as the first of several research labs. The main goal was to disable and flood the reactor core to reach the inaccessible areas above. To do this, the player had to disable the pumps to shut off the flow of coolant and cause the reactor to shut down. The lab would then automatically flood the reactor with emergency coolant. Upon seeing this, the player had to switch the pumps on again to cause an overflow in the reactor. At the top, there was to be a security card that would allow the player to continue to the next laboratory.

In the first map, there is a locker room with radiation suits (which are not present in the build), and a radiation shower (not functional in this build). The player could use the radiation shower to immediately stop the radiation damage.[2] There is an elevator nearby that can be used for returning back to the map c3a1, or going to the map c3a3 (which is not present in the build). The actual purpose of the elevator is unknown.


The chapter was cut following the game's significant reworking in late 1997. The location and chapter eventually evolved into the Lambda Reactor Core in Lambda Core which shares the same general premise.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The lab was part of a bigger facility called the X-Lab.[3] The maps use Xlab1 - Energy as level titles.



Associated media[edit]


  1. The demo (.dem) files (previously recorded footage of the game) in Half-Life Alpha appears to be recorded by the creators of the maps. c3a2.dem was recorded by Kevorkian, which is the alias of Dave Riller.


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