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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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Insecurity is the second chapter of Half-Life: Blue Shift.


For the the game's full story, see the Half-Life: Blue Shift storyline article.

As the chapter begins, Barney Calhoun leaves the tram and tries to enter his workplace, but the entrance door fails to open. The security guard on the other side informs him that the door is not responding to Barney's pass ID, so he has to wait for the guard to get it open. While he is waiting, Gordon Freeman passes by on another tram.

When the door is open, the guard explains that they've been having problems all over the facility this morning, including system crashes and security malfunctions. After Barney acquires his uniform and sidearm, he is sent to help some scientists who are having problems with the main access lift in Sector G.

Since the trams are also having problems, Barney walks through maintenance areas to reach his destination. He arrives and activates the elevator. The Black Mesa incident occurs during this ride. Eventually, the elevator stops and crashes down to the ground floor.

Behind the scenes[edit]

David Mertz was responsible for additional level design work on the chapter.[2] The other contributors are unknown. It is possible that Rob Heironimus was one of them. His photo and a reference to him can be found in the map ba_security2 as Easter eggs. In Opposing Force, the same photo can be found in a level that he worked on. It was most likely placed there by himself.

According to Randy Pitchford, the elevator ride sequence was created by Rob Heironimus, who spent his time during Blue Shift's development solely on perfecting it.[1]

There were Automatic Turrets placed in various areas of the Area 3 Security Facilities, including the entrance and the locker room. Although cut, the one at the entrance can be found in the tram ride version of the level, ba_tram3. When the player harmed any of the characters in these areas, they would turn on and attack the player, right before the game over message.

Easter eggs[edit]

The locker room contains a couple of Easter eggs. The names of the developers can be found on the lockers. This has been a tradition in the series since the original game. A photo of Rob Heironimus with plastic Easter eggs in his eye sockets can be found in a broken stall. The photo was taken by his co-worker John Faulkenbury in Easter 1998 (see the Easter eggs page for other appearances of the photo).[3]

Barney's locker has two personal photos, two fictional books titled Government Conspiracies and The Truth About Aliens by RH, a nod to Rob Heironimus. Gordon Freeman also has a copy of this book in his bedroom, as seen in Decay. The last item is a small cardboard box. When destroyed, it reveals a Chumtoad. The player can only break the box by using all the ammunition that is available in the level.

When the camera that shows Gordon Freeman is used six times in the surveillance room, it triggers a scripted sequence where one of the scientists dance while the other watches him. In the lobby, there is an advertisement poster with a photo of the shooting range. The very small text on the poster says "Yes, these men are fine examples of natural born man killers. Black Mesa employs nothing but the best!".

The bridge[edit]

In the cut Decay mission, Central Transit Hub, the players would use a bridge to crush a Gargantua to destroy it. The design for this bridge appears to be similar to the one found in the maintenance area of the chapter. It is unknown if they recycled the same brush work.


The player can monitor several interesting key areas from the video surveillance room. These show Gordon Freeman when he is heading to the locker room to get his protective suit, Gina Cross when she is delivering the crystal sample to the test chamber, and the armory nearby.

The overweight security guard variant from Opposing Force appears in the shooting range. The G-Man is seen in a tram passing by when Barney is going through a maintenance area. This is his only appearance in the game. The level code for the chapter is Barney Goes to Work in the Dreamcast version.





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