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"We've Got Hostiles"

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.
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"We've Got Hostiles"
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"We've Got Hostiles" is the fifth chapter of Half-Life.


For the the game's full story, see the Half-Life storyline article.

Continuing to the surface, the player enters the High Security Storage Facility above the Administration Center. Here, they first encounter Marines sent in to cover up the incident by eliminating the science team. The player must fight through a series of Cold War era storage rooms to reach the surface. There are many Laser Trip Mines and Sentry Guns set up by the Marines along the way, and sections are divided by emergency fire containment doors.

The surface is reached, but the area is under heavy military control. An Osprey helicopter continually drops off Marine reinforcements while Mortar fire bombs the area. This forces the player back down below into the central ventilation access shaft where a duct leads to the locked security booth seen at the beginning of the chapter.

A scientist hiding in the room tells Gordon that the Lambda science team at the opposite side of the base is the only one capable of ending the Resonance Cascade. He instructs Gordon to cross the silo complex and take the rail system to the Lambda Complex. Pressing a button unlocks the last fire door which leads to Silo D, the main area of Blast Pit.



Main article: The Security Complex

The Security Complex is the predecessor of "We've Got Hostiles", and is the third chapter in the Alpha version of the game. It takes place in a large warehouse facility built around a silo. The entrance to the silo is at the beginning of the chapter, but is inaccessible. The player must go through a series of storage areas, and solve a fan puzzle to unlock the door to the silo from a control room on the surface.

Other versions[edit]

In Day One, the Submachine Gun is first found next to a dead security guard in the first storage area. Valve Theme from the soundtrack plays when the player picks up the weapon. The storage area has inaccessible air ducts on the walls in this version.

The player can break the table in the cafeteria into the pieces. This shows the amount of detail the game was to have for breakable objects, but had to be cut to have the game run faster on low end computers, late in the development. Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar plays when the scientist is killed by a Marine, instead of playing in the elevator directly after. When the player reaches the surface, it's daytime instead of sundown. The demo ends at the central ventilation shaft.

The chapter remain largely unchanged in the console ports. The demo of the PlayStation 2 version features portions of the chapter with several changes. The first hall leads to the storage area where the elevator to the surface is. The other areas are inaccessible. There is an Apache helicopter on the surface. The player has to use a rocket launcher to take it down and complete the demo. The level code for the chapter is Soldiers Visit Black Mesa in the Dreamcast version.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • There is an unused animation (c1a3_emerge) for the security guard in the booth, showing him escape from the air duct after getting pulled inside by a zombie. He was to crawl back to the booth and die on the floor because of his wounds. While not seen in the animation, the Entity Guide for Half-Life confirms that the guard kills the zombie.[1] In the SDK for Half-Life, the source files for the animations bear the prefix c1a3a, which indicate that the scene may have been intended to be used in another map in the chapter.
  • In the chapter Office Complex (map c1a2b), there is a dying security guard with another guard kneeling next to him. In the SDK for Half-Life, the source files for the animations bear the prefix c1a3, which indicate that this scene was originally created for the chapter "We've Got Hostiles".
  • Originally, the G-Man was to be in the booth at the beginning of the chapter, staring outside, while straightening his tie. He was to ignore the scientist, and not open the door to the silo complex. The animation for the G-Man is still triggered when the player enters the area, even though the G-Man or the animation are not present in the map.
  • Bill Van Buren was to have his own room in the chapter. The filename for his door sign texture is signc1a3_3. It is used in the chapter Office Complex.





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