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The Security Complex

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The subject matter of this article contains in-development information that was cut from the final version of an official and/or canonical source and appears in no other canonical source. It may also contain incomplete information since not all cut material is publicly known.

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The Security Complex
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The Office Warrens

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Alien Research Lab

The Security Complex[1] is a location and chapter cut from Half-Life. It was meant to be the third chapter in the game. A playable version can be found in the Half-Life Alpha.


This chapter is set in a large warehouse setting. The level begins in a corridor built around a silo. The door to the silo is locked, so the player must navigate into the storage areas, avoiding an active Automatic Turret and solving a puzzle to safely get through the air ducts, to reach a control room on the surface. A large battle was to take place between human and alien forces on the visible landing field outside. From here, the controls can be used to shut down the Automatic Turret and unlock the silo door at the beginning of the chapter, allowing the player to return to that point and continue into the silo.[1]


The chapter was cut following Half-Life's significant reworking in late 1997. While the chapter's general premise eventually evolved into "We've Got Hostiles", none of the levels would later be reused in any Half-Life game.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The player can interact with many props such as crates and drawers in the levels. In the map c1a3b, there is a desk drawer with a developer note only visible in a level editor that states flash grenade in here. The flash grenade is not present in any build of Half-Life.





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