This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

List of Black Mesa Security Force models

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This subject is related to the Black Mesa Incident era.

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This is a list of Black Mesa Security Force models used in Half-Life and its expansions.


Half-Life (Dreamcast port)[edit]

Half-Life (PlayStation 2 port)[edit]

Half-Life: Opposing Force[edit]

Half-Life: Blue Shift[edit]

Half-Life: Blue Shift (Dreamcast port)[edit]

Half-Life: Decay[edit]


Behind the scenes[edit]

  • One of the early versions of the security guard was based on Valve's Ted Backman, and included the goatee he was sporting at that time.[1] His likeness was used again for Half-Life 2, for the Citizen Male 2, "Ted", originally used for the Conscript model.
  • There was to be a generic construction or maintenance worker character using a reskinned early security guard model.
  • An early Military Police model of Barney was added as a player model for Half-Life: Deathmatch, as a part of Half-Life's 25th Anniversary Update.