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Satellite Communications Center

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Not to be confused with Communications Center.

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Satellite Communications Center
General information

200-, during the Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa Research Facility


Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa

Game information


The Satellite Communications Center is a Black Mesa Research Facility area located right outside Sector A's Training Facility, housing a large satellite uplink dish and a semi-subterranean freight warehouse.

It is covered during the Half-Life: Decay mission Surface Call, when Gina Cross and Colette Green help Rosenberg contact the military for help after going through the damaged Training Facility.


Data Control Operations[edit]

When the trio wants to enter the Data Control Operations building, they find that it is locked from the inside, and they must find a way around through the warehouse. Upon entering it, one of the ladies must go back to align the satellite dish properly, while the other left behind with Rosenberg reactivates the uplink. Then Rosenberg sends the emergency signal to the military, then Gina and Colette reunite with Keller who is waiting for them above the Anti-Mass Spectrometer, and leave Rosenberg waiting for the military to arrive.

Satellite Operations[edit]

There the satellite uplink dish, controlled from the Data Control Operations building, can be found. It is from this area that the duo enters the warehouse.


Gina and Colette traverse through this huge semi-subterranean freight warehouse to open the locked door to the dish control room. It is filled with Vortigaunts and Headcrabs, as well as a large radioactive waste leak. After leaving the warehouse from the rear entrance, they enter the Data Control Operations building, also from its back entrance.


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