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Black Mesa personnel

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Black Mesa personnel
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"Work safe, work smart. Your future depends on it!"
― Black Mesa slogan[src]

Black Mesa employs in its facility two main groups of civilian employees: a science personnel and a security personnel, along with various other inhabitants including administrative personnel, service personnel and occasionally the employees' families. The base also keeps a small military presence.

All facility personnel wear identity badges that must be displayed at all times, and are required to undergo a series of rigorous security checks to access most areas. All employees working with regular radiation and biohazard screenings must also undertake regular urinalysis or radiation check-ups and will be made redundant if missing a check-up. Ironically, this information is given during the tram ride through the Black Mesa Transit System as the tram passes over a robotic loader wading through a pool of some green, likely toxic, material having spilled out of a broken container nearby.

When several members of the Black Mesa personnel are seen together, they can become very useful allies, as well as providing conversations, together or towards the player, that reveal small details of the story.

Science Team[edit]

The overwhelming majority of Black Mesa's population, the Black Mesa Science Team consists of scientists only.

Security Force[edit]

The Black Mesa Security Force is the main component of Black Mesa's support personnel force.

Other personnel[edit]

  • Administration personnel - Serving the Office of the Administrator, administration personnel handle the bureaucracy for the facility, including recruiting civilians (Civilian Recruitment Division) and assigning personnel (Support Personnel Division). Known administrative personnel include Dr. Wallace Breen and L.M.. While a large administration area exists as Sector D's Administration Center, offices are found everywhere throughout the facility.
  • Service personnel - Includes maintenance, labor, delivery or catering positions. Though service personnel are rarely seen in the Half-Life story arc, some can be spotted driving forklifts along the Black Mesa Transit System, wearing a green overall and a yellow helmet, and nicknamed "Gus". Colored Maintenance Teams (including Blue, Green and Yellow) also oversee maintenance for the elevators, doors, ceiling turrets or the personnel and freight monorail network, as featured in Black Mesa Announcement System announcements. Service personnel is also tasked with delivering supplies across the facility, sometimes as "Supply Teams", as heard in another announcement. Catering is also provided for the various food halls, cafeterias and resting areas found in the facility. Some other tasks impossible to achieve by a human being (such as holding heavy crates or having to go through toxic materials) are also performed by robotic loaders.
  • Inspection personnel - Black Mesa Announcement System announcements mention various positions (single or as teams) aimed at enforcing safety standards and handling hazard-related situations and other emergencies: in Half-Life, in Sector C before the incident, a Cryogenic Safety Crew is to report its status at a given time; a Shield Inspection Crew also reports the primary reactor to be nominal; Transportation Control reports all transportation systems are on time; an Uranium Shipment Inspection Team is wanted in Sector D; any available "Damage Control Team" is asked in Sector C after the incident; an "Emergency Uranium Containment Team" is asked in Sector D; a "Containment Inspection Team" is asked for the Advanced Biological Research Laboratory in an unused High Altitude Launch Center quote; a "Fire Control Team" is asked at various locations at the same time. In Half-Life: Decay, in Sector C before the incident, all security personnel is asked to check clearance with an inspector; another announcement also states that a certain laser containment system access is forbidden to inspection personnel; a "waste disposal control" is also announced to be scheduled for later in the day.
  • Military personnel - Although the facility maintains a small military presence, the bulk of the facility's military personnel are the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit who are kept off-site and only sent in as a clean-up crew in case of extreme circumstances.
  • Residents - Mostly the relatives to the corporation's employees, they live together in the dormitories. Known residents are Azian and Alyx Vance.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • A cut model, named "construction.mdl" and resembling a generic construction worker, was apparently to be seen at least once during Half-Life.




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Black Mesa personnel
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