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Freight Yard

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Freight Yard
General information

200-, during the Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa Research Facility


Black Mesa Incident


Black Mesa

Game information

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"If you were trying to reach the freight yards in hope of escaping, then just forget about it. The military is rounding up everyone and everything they can find, and either killing them or bringing them up here for questioning. So much for a rescue."

The Freight Yard is a topside area of the Black Mesa Research Facility. Connected to the New Mexico Railroad Line, the Freight Yard is used to ship freight in and out of the facility. It is connected to the Red Line of the Black Mesa Transit System.[1] The area is covered by the fourth chapter of Half-Life: Blue Shift, Captive Freight.


This area consists of the Train Yard, the Freight Warehouses and its three-stories administrative building, the Freight Management Offices. Under that area is a small tunnel portion, the Steam Tunnel Maintenance Area, leading to the basement of one of the warehouses. This basement either leads to the Freight Management Offices or to the Section A-17 Prototype Labs, located further below and accessed through an elevator hidden by recent transformations. The surface area is also connected to the Black Mesa South Access Tunnel and Sector G's Drainage Canal, through a small trapdoor.

During Blue Shift, Barney Calhoun arrives in this area from the Drainage Canal. There he finds a scientist claiming that the military has already occupied the entire area, and, if Calhoun wants to escape Black Mesa, he needs to find Rosenberg. At the time of Barney's arrival, the area is already at the hands of the HECU who have deployed defenses such as Tripod-Mounted Heavy Machine Guns or Abrams tanks. After Calhoun goes through the warehouses and tracks, killing soldiers in his way, he finds Rosenberg, trapped inside a cargo trailer. He escorts the scientist through the Freight Management Offices to finally reach the elevator leading to the Section A-17 Prototype Labs.


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