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M44 cargo truck

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Cargo truck br.jpg
M44 cargo truck
General information

Medium truck







Game information
  • N/A (brush)
  • monster_m44 (v0.52)

The M44 cargo truck is a US military medium truck used by the HECU and the Black Ops during the Black Mesa Incident to transport personnel and equipment.


Found in the Santego Military Base and around Black Mesa, it is unarmed and cannot be destroyed by the player. According to its early identity and model names, it is based on a similar military truck used by the US Army, the M44, although it is not used by the United States Marine Corps.

Like the Apache and the Osprey, the Black Ops also had their own, black version. They used one model to transport the nuclear bomb set to destroy Black Mesa.


  • Unlike the brush-based truck in the final game, the original truck was an actual model file, named "m44.mdl". It it used in the leaked Half-Life Alpha.
  • A bigger truck is featured in the map of5a2, with grey textures. The same truck, this time with the original green textures, is hidden in an out of reach and very dark room, with partially misaligned textures. It was either left there as an Easter egg, since the room cannot be accessed without using the noclip mode, or it is a leftover of an earlier version of the map, forgotten there by the mapper.




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