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Land Mine

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Land Mine
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Hazardous Environment Combat Unit


Land mine

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The Land Mine is an explosive used by the HECU. In Half-Life they are seen deployed to secure topside areas of Black Mesa such as the Topside Motorpool and the Black Mesa desert and are often used in conjunction with HECU Snipers.


The landmine is a basic explosive device. It is buried just below the ground, and detonates when stepped on. The HECU use the mines as a key part of their securing of the topside area of Black Mesa and for the stopping any personnel that tries to escape the facility. Mines are set up in entire intricate patterns mainly around back entrances to underground complexes and around old guard towers.


  • The landmine deals heavy damage to the player, as do all explosives.
  • Explosives (such as grenades or the Submachine Gun's grenade launcher) are the best way to clear minefields, since they will set off all nearby landmines. Other weapons can also be used, but are inefficient compared to explosives due to lack of splash damage and cost of ammunition to dispatch something difficult to locate.
  • Landmines are almost always indicated by a sign to warn the player.


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