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"Follow my instructions carefully and by the end of the day I'll have you eating danger and crapping victory!"
― Sharp[src]

Drill Instructor Sharp is a Marine Drill Instructor stationed at Santego Military Base, Arizona.


In Half-Life: Opposing Force, Sharp is first seen in the Advanced Training Facility. He introduces Adrian Shephard to the Powered Combat Vest, instructing him on how it can be charged as well as demonstrating the armor's lifesaving capabilities in a live fire exercise. In the following rooms, he directs Shephard through simulated environmental hazards and a pitch black maze that must be navigated through using the PCV's night vision goggles. Sharp then sends Shephard to another drill instructor for the obstacle course, briefly returning to supervise his weapon training with the Desert Eagle at the Pistol Range and finally rejoining Shephard during the concluding squad training.

Behind the scenes[edit]

The Prima Games strategy guide for Opposing Force is narrated from Sharp's perspective.[3] Sharp is also a selectable character model in the multiplayer modes of Opposing Force.

Three cut animations intended for the various Drill Instructors seen during Shephard's training can still be found in the shared model drill.mdl. These include blowing a whistle, shouting into a megaphone, and looking through binoculars.


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