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Barn Advisor

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Barn Advisor
Function(s) / Belongings
Rank / Occupation


  • Telekinesis
  • Tongue

Advisor pod

Physical description


Eye color

Green cybernetic eyes


Breathing apparatus, mechanical arms and eye

Chronological and political information

Combine occupation



Game information


"That thing was hurt. Did you see it? I can only imagine what it would have done if... Uh oh."
Alyx Vance[src]

The Barn Advisor is a Combine Advisor seen in Half-Life 2: Episode Two that crashed with its pod in a barn. It was being sustained by its life support system and guarded by a small contingent of Combine troops.



The Advisor's crashed pod bears the label 314 URB-LOC 0017, the same label on the Advisor encountered by Gordon and Alyx in the Citadel. This label may indicate that the two are one and the same, but it's equally likely that all pods bear the same label. In either case, it is presumably one of the many pods that was launched from the Citadel prior to its destruction.


Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

The Advisor pulling on Alyx, Gordon and the dead Rebel.

As Alyx and Gordon are proceeding on their journey to White Forest with their newly found Muscle Car, they spot smoke on the ridge next to a barn, where they discover a crashed Advisor pod. Realizing that a Combine Advisor must be near, they investigate the area. They enter the barn, where they are assaulted by periodic psychic attacks, confirming its presence. Fending off the Combine soldiers guarding the barn, they discover the Advisor within, contained in a life support chamber. Several dead rebels are also inside, apparently having been killed by the Advisor since they have no external wounds.

Alyx decides to kill it by shutting off its life support under the Lone Vort's advice. They do so by opening the generator so Gordon can punt the Energy Ball from its field with his Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator. Doing this, however, only awakens it, and it uses its telekinetic powers to pin Gordon and Alyx, as well as a rebel corpse, to a wall. The Advisor picks up a barrel and crushes it, before targeting the dead rebel. Using its tongue-like appendage, it stabs the rebel in the back of the neck, seemingly feeding on him, before crushing his body and throwing him across the room. It then moves to Gordon, but a malfunction of its life support system causes a piece of rebar to lodge in the side of its head. Injured, it drops Gordon and flees. It rips an entire section of the roof off and breaks it into splinters, forming a makeshift shield to protect itself as it escapes. Combine forces then descend upon the barn to deal with Alyx and Gordon.


The Barn Advisor is the first demonstration of the Advisors' considerable telekinetic prowess. It is able to hold Alyx, Gordon, and a dead rebel to a nearby wall, completely immobilizing them, without apparent effort. It is able to exert enough force to crush a metal barrel and fracture the rebel's skeleton.

Curiously, the Advisor, perhaps as a result of its early release, does not seem to be able to "see" in the conventional sense. It crushes the barrel only after examining it with its tongue, indicating that it couldn't tell what it had grabbed. Likewise, it does not seem to understand the rebel is dead until it actually tries to feed on him. This seems to indicate that its only form of spatial awareness at the time was through its telekinesis, which clearly has trouble distinguishing between objects.


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