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Combine Suppressor

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Combine Suppressor
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Combine Overwatch

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Heavy Machine Gun

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Isaac Singleton Jr.

"Antibody Protection Force active on."
― Combine Suppressor[src]

The Combine Suppressor, referred to as APF or Antibody Protection Force in Combine terminology, is a heavy weapons soldier class of the Overwatch featured in Half-Life: Alyx.


Suppressors are similar to Combine Chargers in that they are heavily armed and armored. However, they operate with different tactics. They carry a Heavy Machine Gun that has a very high fire rate and deals heavy damage. They wear a very large flak jacket with the Combine insignia on the left breast that is capable of effectively withstanding most forms of attack. Their name comes from their tactic of suppressing the player with their machine gun to keep them pinned down while other soldiers, such as Grunts, Ordinals and Chargers flank them. Even when their enemy is completely out of sight, Suppressors will continue to fire near the target's last seen location. Like Chargers, they are extremely dangerous and difficult to take down, and can be a serious threat to an unprepared or exposed player.

Behind the scenes[edit]

In the first released screenshots of Alyx, the Suppressor's mask eyepieces were shown to be blue, much like most other Combine units. However, in a later released version of the same screenshot, their eyepieces were changed to orange which remained into the final game. This screenshot also shows the Suppressor using the Heavy Shotgun.

The unused Combine Soldier model includes placeholder texture variations for several different soldier classes, among these being a "Suppression" class in a green suit which is likely an early form of the Suppressor.




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Combine Suppressor
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