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Combine Suppressor

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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Combine Suppressor
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Combine Overwatch

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Heavy Machine Gun

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Isaac Singleton Jr.

"Antibody Protection Force active on."
― Combine Suppressor[src]

The Combine Suppressor, referred to as APF or Antibody Protection Force in Combine terminology, is a heavy weapons soldier class of the Overwatch featured in Half-Life: Alyx.


The Suppressors' name comes from their tactic of suppressing the player with heavy firepower to keep them pinned down while other units flank them. They carry a Heavy Machine Gun that has a very high fire rate and deals heavy damage, and wear a large armor vest with the Combine insignia on the left breast that is capable of effectively withstanding most forms of attack. Combining both a formidable amount of health and lethal power, Suppressors are extremely dangerous and difficult to take down, so they can be a serious threat to an unprepared or exposed player. They are easily identified by their iconic elongated masks and metallic vocoder voices, and are usually deployed one at a time as key support units in squads.


Suppressors are hardly ever combated at close range, as they tend to stay back and find elevated strategic positions, from where they can act as sentinels to lay down covering fire. They fire their machine guns in long strafes, usually aiming at the player's cover. Even when their enemy is completely out of sight, Suppressors will still continue to fire near the target's last seen location. Moreover, they are adept at dodging gunshots and hiding behind cover, so they can ambush the player unexpectedly, this trait being most notably demonstrated in Alyx's first encounter with the Suppressor.

Behind the scenes[edit]

In the first released screenshots of Alyx, the Suppressor's mask eyepieces were shown to be blue, much like most other Combine units. However, in a later released version of the same screenshot, their eyepieces were changed to orange which remained into the final game. This screenshot also shows the Suppressor using the Heavy Shotgun and Combine Grunts wielding Pulse Rifles, different from their default loadouts.

The unused Combine Soldier model includes placeholder texture variations for several different soldier classes, among these being a "Suppression" class in a green suit which is likely an early form of the Suppressor.


The name "Antibody Protection Force" is another example of the Combine’s proclivity for medical terminology.




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Combine Suppressor
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