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This subject is related to the Combine era.
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Antlion deterrent

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  • prop_thumper
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Adrian Finol[2]

"If the Freeman is in agreement, let us find our way to that vibratory haven."
Lone Vort[src]

Thumpers, referred to as Restrictors in Combine terminology, are tall, monolithic structures used by the Combine to deter Antlions. By hammering down a heavy piston, they send strong vibrations into the ground which frightens and wards off Antlions. They are used prolifically along coastal areas and near Nova Prospekt.


Referred to as "Thumpers" by the Resistance and described as "vibratory devices" by the Lone Vort, these devices are highly effective at deterring Antlions. When active, its heavy central piston which consists of three metal slabs lifts above the ground and pounds back down to the earth, delivering a powerful vibration. Whenever the piston hits the ground, Antlions nearby will jump back and stay out of the effective radius of it. Built by the Combine, the Overwatch uses them extensively in Antlion-infested locations, placing them in strategic positions to prevent those creatures from overrunning important areas. Thumpers in the Outlands are also exploited by Resistance members as shelter in dangerous areas.

The most common Thumper type, found along the Coast near Combine-controlled areas as well as in some Resistance bases, is relatively small in terms of size. Another type seen around Nova Prospekt is taller and heavier, with their activation switches located at the top of a platform accessible with a ladder.


Half-Life 2[edit]

Throughout the chapter Highway 17, several Thumpers can be seen used along the Coast to keep Antlions at bay and protect populated or mission-critical areas, like the one at New Little Odessa.

While crossing the Antlion-infested beach in the chapter Sandtraps, one Thumper can be found, but it is not operational. To get it working, Gordon Freeman is required to find and activate a generator trailer some distance away. Notably, this Thumper is among the few items that are powered indirectly, the other being a force field generator powered by an APC that can be found in the Petroleum Station.

Nova Prospekt is surrounded by a network of Thumpers to deter the Antlion hordes. When Gordon attacks Nova Prospekt with Antlions under his control, he is required to disable a number of the devices to allow them to assist him.

Half-Life 2: Episode Two[edit]

In Episode Two, the Thumper is first encountered in one of the overrun Resistance outposts inside the Victory Mine. In the chapter Freeman Pontifex, after emerging from the mine, Gordon enters a large valley where three Thumpers surrounded by makeshift metal barricades are located. They become vital in the ensuing battle against the Antlion Guard and Guardian pursuing them when they shelter Gordon and his companions from the attacking alien insects.

Behind the scenes[edit]

In the early stages of Half-Life 2's development, the thumper was to have a portable version. It can be found and used in the playable Half-Life 2 leak, where a yellow fire hydrant is used as a placeholder model.[1] It was simply named "Portable Thumper".[3] The player was to carry only one at a time and put it on the ground to achieve the same effects as the larger, stationary version. A second model, not appearing in-game and named "heavy", can be found in the game files.[1] In early Wasteland maps, early brush thumpers can be found.[4] They also appear as models in the playable Half-Life 2 leak files, the hammer being a separate model.[1]




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